Philosophy …… ethics…… due today….. 8 pages…… read

This paper is due today in 10 hours……  must have done in 10 hours……. 

This paper is based on Philosophy ethics…… 

Do the following: 

 Choose a philosopher or philosophical theory you have an interest in and write about it, the pros and cons, what your interest is and apply that interest to the philosopher or philosophical theory.

 Instructions:  The paper should be 7 pages, no title page is needed or footnotes, just citations would go on page 8.  1″ margins all around, double-spaced, 12″ Arial font.   No GoogleDocs or Zip files. 


Child development … due today ….. must have done in 5

must have this done in 5 hours…… no late work….. 

based on child development…… 

Watch the video: 

 Developmental and learning theories form the cornerstone of our knowledge about children. The eight major theoretical perspectives that relate to child development and learning are psychodynamic, behaviorist, cognitive, sociocultural, ecological, multiple intelligences, maturation, and humanist.

As we learned about the “most excellent eight,” discuss your thoughts on each theory. What parts of the theory “ring true” in your experiences? Using the video above on play, choose 4 theories of the 8 and reflect and connect “play” to each of the 4 theories chosen and give a specific example.  

Must have done in 5 hours!!!!! 

I will also provide my login to use the book to make reference to the theories

Due today in 7 hours…… please read first

due today in 7 hours…… no late work…. 

Watch the video:

Answer 1 of the following questions based on the video 

 1. What was your emotional reaction to the book? How did it make your feel?

2. Were there any parts that were difficult for you to understand or process?

3. Can you imagine using this book to help young children understand the concept that words can hurt? Have you discussed this concept with children?

Only answer 1 of the above question based on the video.

Due today…… due in 7 hours…. please read

this assignment is due in 7 hours….. must have done in 7 hours…… 

Do the following:     Use attachment for information on discipline and for definitions of terms 

 For this assignment,

1.  Please begin by defining the following words:  discipline, guidance, punishment, abuse, consequences (both logical and natural), time-out

2.  Write a 2-page paper of what you have learned, reflecting on this topic 

Please include:

Your thoughts about the discussion:  1.  What surprised you.  2.  What you learned..

( this was the discussion topic we talked about:  


What pushes your buttons?

What positive techniques can your add to your teacher practices for when your buttons get pushed? )

Your thoughts about your own process of being disciplined.  Try on your parents shoes (figuratively).  What was going on with them when you were a young child.  Did they have support in their parenting?  What kind.  What influenced them in disciplining you:  culture, family, generational differences in discipline, religion, what else?  Were they financially comfortable or just making it (financial stress), How many children in the family?

Now, go back in time and stand in your own little shoes of little you:  How did you learn best?  How did you feel?  Was the discipline effective in helping you to learn?

Summarize your thoughts you gained through the learning materials for the last two weeks.  What stands out to you?  What makes the most sense to you?  How might you use this information as a teacher in a classroom?

Please use at least two citations from your text.

Due today….. 6 hours….. work cited only page needed

this is due today in 6 hours….. must have done in 6 hours…..  

I am writing my paper for my dance history class on hip hop dance. 

I need only the works cited page.  So I need you to find 4 sources and just put them in  MLA 8 format for me on a page.  

Sources must be on hip hop dance for my dance history class

no essay to write

Due today in 6 hours……. half page ……. dance homework

this is due in 6 hours….. must have done in 6 hours….. no late work

Do the following: 

 Ballet d’action in the 18th Century included plot and emotion employing ballet pantomime for storytelling through gesture. Create a passage that could have been incorporated into these early ballets employing some of the ballet positions with ballet pantomime. These were fairytale or dreamlike sequences. Give some specific examples! You may want to find a youtube video to show an example of your dance movement? Or describe it to us.! To receive full credit be sure to also reply to at least one of your classmates posting as well.    

Basically your are describing a dance and making one with certain ballet movements

I attached the Dance book in class where you can find info