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Discussion Instructions ( Discussion Critical Incident End of Chapter16 ):

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What are some of the reactions to traumatic stress seen in the community described in the critical incident?

Critical Incident: As a member of a team of Native American mental health professionals and traditional spiritual

leaders (hereafter called “the Team”), I have had the opportunity to respond to community crises in

Native communities. Often these responses have come after communities have experienced clusters of

youth suicides. The following is a description of one of those responses.

The health director of a remote tribal community of approximately 2,500 contacted and met with the

Team leaders (one of the community’s traditional spiritual/cultural leaders and me, a clinical

psychologist). She described the occurrence of 17 youth suicides in the community, all by hanging,

over a 2-month period. Most members of the community had been affected directly in some way, and

some families had lost more than one child. Service providers and first responders in the community

were overwhelmed and exhausted as suicide attempts were continuing almost every day. Community

leaders had sent the health director to request that the Team respond as soon as possible to help stop

the suicide attempts and help the community begin a healing process.


Comprehensive question- delineation between old tasks and new tasks


Comprehensive Question- Delineation between old tasks and new tasks

The purpose of the assignment is for School Counselors to focus on the profession’s national push to move from the guidance counselor role (with specific, often limited duties) to a broader school counseling program and transformed counseling role. In the latter concept, even the school with one professional school counselor should seek to expand and integrate a counseling program into the school and community environments. The program should play an integral role in linking the concepts of student advocacy, social justice, academic achievement, and healthy systemic cooperation.

For this question, identify two old tasks that are still a part of your day-to-day schedules and two new tasks that move your counseling program forward.  Assume a world that will eventually allow you to have what you want for your school counseling program and develop a justification and plan for transferring those old tasks to other school personnel.   Then develop a plan for establishing the two new tasks into your daily schedule.

Old task: Scheduling, conducting academic and career counseling only, being a records clerk/secretary

New task: Consistently generating data, conducting interventions, counseling in small group, classroom, and individual settings. Another new task is advocating, consulting, and collaborating with outside agencies, etc.

The order of these transformations might not be linear. The new tasks might come on line first and the old tasks then be transferred. Or you might think of a way to make the transition simultaneously.

Each question should be approached as a practitioner-scholar using the available literature and research from school counseling and the American School Counseling Association.   The question will require a minimum of (8) pages of content, not including a title and reference page. References should span across textbooks and journal articles with a minimum of 5 references written within the last five (5) years. Of the references, at least 2 journal articles should report research findings. All writing should be in your best APA 6th edition style. The assignment is due October 23rd at 12:00 noon central time.


Tasks assignment | Computer Science homework help


There are TWO tasks that you would need to do( they are separate): 

Task 1 (Minimum 300 words): 

– This week we will cover Data Visualization and Geographic Information Systems. 

As an IT manager, discuss how you would use the materials in Chapter 11 of your textbook communicating IT information to other departments. 


Write a reply to the two responses in the attached document ( Response 1 and Response 2) with 150 words for each. 

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