Week 1 discussion 1 strength oriented action | EDU 635 Community & Youth Development | Ashford University


This week’s readings focus on the importance of the ‘culture shift’ that needs to take place in our communities in order to begin an asset-building initiative. Using your critical thinking skills, respond to the following questions:

  • What do the terms ‘strength message’ and ‘strength-oriented action’ mean?
  • What evidence do you see of this concept played out in your local school or organizational setting?
  • What about in your community?
  • What do you see as the predominant role of adults in your community? Are they more focused on strength or risk and deficits? Do they provide relationships and programs, or just programs?

Include two or three specific actions that you consistently practice, or could immediately incorporate into your daily routine, to support a “strength-oriented action” culture. If you get stuck, you may want to refer to the “Ask Yourself These Questions First” on Tip Sheet #1 located in the required reading for the week.


Strength and training | Education homework help


How Strength Training (insert type of activity) impacts Anaerobic Metabolism (insert energy system) 

For this assignment, you will submit a word document including a purpose statement, a full outline of your proposed literature review, as well as a complete, APA formatted reference page.  The outline should include at a minimum, the subheadings and proposed material for each section (bullet lists of ideas are acceptable).  Ten, primary research articles (data presented and peer-reviewed) will be required.  Other resources from reputable places may be used as a supplement, but will not count towards the required 10. 

This assignment should include:

  1. Purpose  statement
  2. Detailed  outline
  3. Correctly  formatted APA references page including 10 primary sources


Strength finder assignment | Management homework help

Write a summary, covering the following points:

  • Do you think the assessment is correct?
  • In your opinion, why do we live and work in a world that focuses on weaknesses rather than strengths?
  • How can you utilize your own strengths? 
  • Please choose 5 of your own unique “Ideas for Action” and explain how you will commit to taking these actions in the future.

Should be 2-5 pages in length (not including attachment).

Attached are the results for my assessment


 All assignments must be typed and reflective of graduate work. APA is required.

  1. Assignment number and title.
  2. Student’s name.
  3. Course:  MGT5650.E1

strength finder assessment | English homework help

Question: Based on your Strength Finder Assessment, identify some specific ways that you can leverage some of the Learning goals and Objectives of the program to your advantage. You need to refer to the top five themes of strength as identified in your assessment.  Please be as specific and realistic as possible. 


Strength Finder Assessment: 







Learning goals and Objectives: 

1) Asses the environment

2) Communicate effectively 

3) Think Critically