Final summative assignment: strategic plan | ECE 671 Management and Administration of Early Childhood Programs | Ashford University

  • Section 2: From the text, we know that a center’s core values grow from the personal core values of its program director, who plays a key role in the culture and practices of a program. Imagine that you are in a position of leadership at this organization that you have chosen to work with for this course.
  •  Reflect on what you believe the sources of the program’s core values are or what you think those sources should be, and draft a new or updated Core Values Statement for the entire program that you would hypothetically use as a foundation if you were the program director. You may need to refer to Chapter 2 of the text and/or the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct(2011).        
  • Section 3: Using the hypothetical Core Values Statement and referring to your weekly assignments (Evaluation of Program Manuals, Environment Evaluation, Supporting Developmentally Appropriate Practices, and/or Part 1 Commitment to Professionalism Assignment), create two goals that you would be able to use to support a strategic plan. State each goal and then explain the following:
    • How will this goal support the growth of quality for the program?
    • What are the benefits of reaching the goal?
    • How will you measure if  you have reached the goal?
    • How is this goal achievable? Have you got the resources to achieve this goal? If not, how will you acquire them?
    • Why is this goal significant to the quality of the program and its core values statement?
    • How long would it (hypothetically) take to meet this goal?
    • Who are the people you might need to organize for action to meet this goal?
    • What is one potential obstacle to reaching this goal and what are two potential solutions to this obstacle?
  • Section 4: Create a definition of leadership for yourself as the last step of this course. This definition should be able to serve as a basis for your work as a leader. This definition can be simple and may evolve over the course of graduate school and then your career.
  • Referring to you Core Values Statement, define how your core values shape the expectations you have of personnel and programs, your philosophy for promoting quality and effective early education, as well as your overall leadership approach.

The Final Summative Assignment

Discussion 2: capstone project: strategic plan *****ranchoddas

The application of social change, leadership, and advocacy to a specific human and social services organization is a systematic process. The initial step is to select and delineate a professional or societal issue about which you are passionate, and then locate an organization from anywhere in the world whose mission is related to this issue. Once you determine the issue and organization that you will focus on, the next step is to set a manageable social change, leadership, or advocacy-related goal for the organization.

Human services professionals can strive to achieve and/or support social change, leadership, or advocacy-related goals by creating a strategic plan. Throughout this course, you will develop the core elements of a strategic plan for your Capstone Project. You build off the coursework you completed in previous courses to conduct a needs assessment as well as develop the fundamentals, strategic issues, and technical elements of the strategic plan.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review this week’s Learning Resources, considering strategies and approaches that human and social services professionals may use to achieve social change, leadership, and advocacy goals.
Review the Capstone Project Overview in the Course Information area and the Final Project: Developing a Strategic Plan – Introduction to the Final Project media in the Weekly Resources. Select one professional or societal issue that arouses your passion as a human and social services professional, and then choose a human or social services agency or organization, or a community, that works to support this issue. This can be a local, regional, national, or international agency, organization, or community. Throughout the completion of your Capstone Project, you will explore this issue and agency in depth, examining them from multiple perspectives. Therefore, you should select an agency, organization, or community issue that speaks to you as a human and social services professional.
By Day 4
Identify the agency, organization, or community for which you will develop a strategic plan. State whether the agency, organization, or community exists at the local, regional, national, or international level. Then, discuss why you have chosen this agency to focus on for your Capstone Project. Also, discuss whether your strategic plan will be developed from the perspective of social change, leadership, or advocacy for the agency, organization, or community. Explain why you have chosen to focus on that particular perspective for your strategic plan.


Homan, M. S. (2016). Promoting community change: Making it happen in the real world (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.

Chapter 1, “Understanding the Challenge to Change” (pp. 4–33)
Chapter 12, “Taking Action—Strategies and Tactics” (pp. 379—417)

Almog-Bar, M., & Schmid, H. (2014). Advocacy activities of nonprofit human service organizations: A critical review. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 43(1), 11–35. doi:10.1177/0899764013483212.

Shier, M. L., & Handy, F. (2016). Executive leadership and social innovation in direct-service nonprofits: Shaping the organizational culture to create social change. Journal of Progressive Human Services, 27(2), 111–130. doi:10.1080/10428232.2016.1155429.

Shier, M. L., & Handy, F. (2014). From advocacy to social innovation: A typology of social change efforts by nonprofits. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 26(6), 2581–2603. doi:10.1007/s11266-014-9535-1.

Strategic research | Education homework help

Assignment 4: Methodological Assessment

Strategic Research Project Prep Assignment

Assignment 4 will require the student to identify a research methodology of a proposed project and relate it to two relevant sources published in the peer-reviewed literature. The following components should be included (APA Level 2 and 3 headings):

Research Question(s) and Setting (Context)

Restate the research question(s) from assignment 1, 2 or 3. Next, relate the question(s) with the context or setting which the questions apply. This should be an organization or educational setting where the research of the identified problem plan to be examined. 

Participants or Stakeholders

Include the target population and the sample that you will use for generalizing about the target population. If participants are not the focus, then include the stakeholders that would benefit and/or retain interest in the proposed research project.


Identify the three major methods with which the stated research questions can be answered (quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods). Next, select an action research design or mixed method design that would be best suited for carrying out the study (2-3 sentences). Provide a rationale as to why the selected design would be best suited in addressing the stated research questions.

Relevant Literature

Once the particular design has been established, then identify at least two studies that have utilized a similar design within the context that was noted above (educational or organizational).

Identify the following criteria from each study: (a) problem or area of focus; (b) research objectives; (c) research design; (d) data collection instruments and; (d) outcome. In the conclusion, detail the strengths and weaknesses of the study (3-5 sentences). Finally, offer recommendations for improvement for future research (3-5 sentences). 

I have attached assignment 3 from where the research question should come from.

Strategic issues/ natasha house, inc.

********** Please include the abstract and conclusion **********

Strategic Issues

After the needs assessment has been completed, the next element of the strategic plan involves developing the strategic issues. Key tasks associated with the strategic issues include conducting a gap analysis, performing an environmental scan, and developing stakeholder surveys. The actions are performed so that you can conduct a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORUNITIES, and THREATS. A SWOT analysis is used to help an agency, organization, or community better understand the business and environment in which it operates. The goal of developing strategic issues is to list or map out all of the strengths and weaknesses, and then to do the same for all of the opportunities and threats. This helps the organization to identify a strategy for planning. Opportunities that match the strengths are things that should be pursued. Threats that particularly align with weaknesses should be especially avoided when developing a strategic plan.
For this Assignment, you complete a SWOT analysis for Natasha House, Inc.

To prepare:

Review Final Project: Developing a Strategic Plan –S.W.O.T Analysis media in the Weekly Resources.
Consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges related to Natasha House, Inc. 

Think about the environmental factors you might review in preparation for addressing the strategic issues component for Natasha House, Inc. The environmental factors may include: political, economic, demographic, regulatory, philanthropic, donor trends, and other organizations providing similar services.

The Assignment (4–6 pages):

Conduct a SWOT analysis. This analysis focuses on assessing the present state or condition of Natasha House, Inc.and determining where the organization would like to be. The difference between the two represents the gap, or the difference between where Natasha House, Inc. is currently and where Natasha House, Inc.would like to be. This gap could provide direction for the major focus of the strategic plan.
Describe plans for conducting an environmental scan. The environmental scan is a process in which stakeholders gather and interpret relevant data on an agency, organization, or community to identify external opportunities and threats.
Identify and describe internal conditions that might impact the implementation of the strategic plan.
Address how you would minimize the impact of those conditions.
Identify and describe external conditions or competitors that might impact the implementation of the strategic plan.
Address how you would minimize the impact of those conditions.
Consider how you might plan to work with competitors to meet the needs of your targeted agency, organization, or community.
Identify and describe at least three strengths of Natasha House, Inc..
State why each item on the list is a strength.
State how you plan to utilize each strength to positively the impact the development or implementation of the strategic plan.
Identify and describe at least three weaknesses of Natasha House,
State how you plan to minimize the impact of the weakness.
Identify and describe at least three threats to Natasha House, Inc.
State what causes each item on the list to be a threat.
State how you plan to minimize the impact of the threat.
Identify and describe at least three opportunities for improvement for Natasha House, Inc.

State what causes each item on the list to be an opportunity for improvement.
State how you plan to incorporate the opportunity in the implementation of the strategic plan.
Support your Application Assignment, citing all resources in APA style, including those in the Learning Resources.


Wronka, J. (2017). Human rights and social justice: Social action and service for the helping and health professions (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Chapter 3, “An Advanced Generalist/Public Health Model and Whole Population Approaches to Human Rights and Social Justice” (pp. 125–186)

Laureate Education (Producer). (2009b). Factors impacting change [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author. **********(Please see transcript attached) **********

Strategic problem-solving assessment | Education homework help


I. The memo – (Prior to starting this you need to read the Resource Packet. In the Resource Packet, the superintendent shares a letter of concern and you are provided a lot of other data regarding the campus. The directives in this assignment are related to the issues found in the Resource Packet.) Here are the instructions:

a. You are to prepare a four-paragraph memo to address the directives from the superintendent outlined in the instructions for this week’s activity. These directives are concerning the program issues shared in the resource packet. This week’s directives include:

* Share a new vision statement for the Agricultural Science Program (found in the resource packet). It should be aligned with the following campus vision statement – “IN COLLABORATION WITH OUR SCHOOL COMMUNITY, WE TEACH ALL THE STUDENTS OF ALL THE PEOPLE DOING OUR BEST TO REACH EVERY STUDENT EVERY DAY”. 

* Describe in detail to the superintendent the specific steps taken to develop, articulate, implement and steward a new vision statement for the identified program

* Share who was involved, sample activities conducted, how progress toward establishing the programs vision will be tracked, and how the program’s vision is aligned to the campus vision statement. 

b. You must use the building blocks identified in the instructions as the base for each paragraph of the memo. Here is the focus of each paragraph based on the building blocks –

*Paragraph one – modeled a collaborative approach

*Paragraph two – established expectations and built relationships

*Paragraph three – defined roles and shared responsibilities

*Paragraph four – aligned strategic priorities

Consider these options

Paragraph one – Modeled a collaborative approach

* How would you model a collaborative approach?

Some options – interviews, focus group meetings, community meeting, small group meetings and many other options.

Paragraph two – Established expectations and built relationships

* How would you establish expectations and build relationships?

Some options – a good place to share a program vision statement – include development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship – this activity can build relationships and buy-in.

Paragraph 3 – Defined Roles and shared responsibilities

Some options – share who was involved. How were the stakeholders involved? How were decisions made? What norms and expectations were adopted? Who will be involved in the next steps? Who is leading the effort? What role do parents, students, teachers, admin play?

Paragraph 4 – aligned strategic priorities

Some options – what issues need to be addressed? Do any issues really stick out? When will a needs assessment be conducted? What activities will be used? What is a timeline? Who would be involved in the continued improvement activities? What issues need to be discussed first? When will measurable goals be developed? What resources or information from the packet did you use? What additional information is needed?


II. The Documentation – (You are allowed up to two pages of documentation.)

Possible examples —–A word chart with the new vision – meeting agendas – letters from committee members – memos asking leaders for additional information – newspaper article – a timeline, minutes from meetings….and MANY other creative options.

Remember—-the documentation can assist with demonstrating you met the directives of the superintendent. I suggest documentation to support all three of them. Here they are again – 

* Share a new vision statement for the Agricultural Science Program (found in the resource packet). It should be aligned with the following campus vision statement – “IN COLLABORATION WITH OUR SCHOOL COMMUNITY, WE TEACH ALL THE STUDENTS OF ALL THE PEOPLE DOING OUR BEST TO REACH EVERY STUDENT EVERY DAY”. 

* Describe in detail to the superintendent the specific steps taken to develop, articulate, implement and steward a new vision statement for the identified program

* Share who was involved, sample activities conducted, how progress toward establishing the programs vision will be tracked, and how the program’s vision is aligned to the campus vision statement. 

IDEA – try using PowerPoint slide for your documentation. You could create a “notes” slide that would allow you to post three documents on one page with written notes beside them. You may use other types of software also.

III. Reflection 

This submission requires an Activity Reflection. Answers to the following questions are required in the reflection: (BE BRIEF- Use no less than 3 and no more than 5 sentences to answer each question in the reflection. The questions were structured for you to advocate for points in the rubric):

* How does this response make sense?

* Describe how the response fits with the established criteria and models the elements found in the building blocks?

* What issues did the response address?

* In what other way could this issue be addressed and prove equally or more successful?

I need this strategic health care assignment done by june 10 @

Balanced Scorecard Analysis and Strategic Plan

This assignment is the culmination of your work in previous assignments. It includes the analyses you made of your selected organization, details of your proposed strategic plan, and recommendations for implementing your plan.

To successfully complete this assignment, you will be expected to:

The Selected Organization is : (SMALL RURAL HOSPITALS)

  1. Use strategic management and knowledge management theory and research to analyze the current environment of a health care organization.
  2. Apply strategic planning tools and research to determine alternative strategies for a health care organization’s future success.
  3. Synthesize operational and financial components in the strategic planning process.
  4. Evaluate the effect of your strategy formulation.
  5. Integrate additional knowledge that you have gained and feedback you have received as the course progressed.
  6. Incorporate any necessary instructor and peer feedback into previously submitted course project components.


  • Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
  • Number of resources: Minimum of 10 peer-reviewed research resources.
  • Length of final summary paper: 15–20 pages.

innovation and change: strategic consideration in pr communication

 Assignment 1: Innovation and Change: Strategic Consideration in PR Communication Abroad

In this module, you read about and discussed aspects regarding innovation and change, strategic communication, public relations (PR) tactics, media relations, internal communications, public affairs, crisis management, information exchange, credibility, emotional tone, communications richness, and, of course, an ethics component. You additionally acquired a better perspective on strategic communication’s role in an organization. You learned about the principles that form the basis of a successful PR program and got an overview of the various PR strategies organizations adopt to increase sales and get coverage. You analyzed the impact of communications strategies on organizational change and considered such change from an ethics perspective.


Employees’ buy-in is critical to the success of any planned organizational change:

  • Find a current event example of organizational change in the news or other media or even a current organizational change in your organization and discuss per the following requirements.
    • In addition to employees, discuss other potential barriers to innovation and change.
    • Evaluate different communication and PR strategies organizations can employ to gain employees’ and community stakeholders’ support.
    • Select any one strategy or approach and examine the strategy/approach’s advantages and disadvantages.

Give reasons in support of your responses. Be sure to cite any relevant resources.

Write your initial response in 300–500 words. Your response should be thorough and address all the components of the discussion question in detail; include citations of all sources, where needed, according to APA style; and demonstrate accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

benchmark – k-12 strategic plans matrix


Strategic planning is a task all leaders must perform. It is often easier to see what others have done to draw on their experience. This assignment will allow you to review three plans that you have researched.

General Requirements

Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

  • Use the template titled “K-12StrategicPlanComparisonMatrix.”
  • This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
  • Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. The APA Style Guide is located in the Student Success Center.
  • Refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for specific guidelines related to doctoral-level writing. The Manual contains essential information on manuscript structure and content, clear and concise writing, and academic grammar and usage.
  • This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each source be included.
  • You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.


Complete the “K-12 Strategic Plan Matrix.”

Compare three K-12 strategic plans. In your comparison, refer to the following categories:

  1. Mission, vision, and goals
  2. Internal and external stakeholders
  3. Facilities
  4. Professional development

Write a synthesis (1,000-1,250 words) of your matrix findings. Include the following:

  1. How were the internal and external stakeholder relationships considered in the plans?
  2. What are the most significant elements of governance and structure that were evident in all of the plans?
  3. How do these plans support continuous school improvement and sustainable change? (Benchmarks C7.5: Analyze the development of a comprehensive learning plan for K-12 education that supports continuous school improvement and sustainable change.)
  4. How will the knowledge gathered in this assignment be used in your future?

Strategic analysis | Education homework help

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