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The Stigma of Mental Illness

Due on: Sunday 9/20, at 11:59 pm

Mental health stigma is noted as a barrier to treatment in many individuals with mental illness. Stigma can lead to a delay in seeking help and poor adherence to treatment out of fear of how individuals with mental illness may be viewed. Parker and Aggleton (2003) note that “Stigma marks the boundaries a society creates between “normal” and “outsiders”, between “us” and “them” (Heijnders & Van Der Meij, 2006, p. 353).  

Watch the 10-minute Ted Talk below on mental health and stigma and answer each of these questions related to mental health and stigma. 

1.)  How can health care providers decrease the stigma of mental illness? 

2.)  How does stigma affect the revolving door seen in the mental health care system?

3.)  Do you believe mental health stigma has shaped any of the concerns nursing students may have about their clinical experience? 

Heijnders, M., & Van Der Meij, S. (2006). The fight against stigma: An overview of

       stigma-reduction strategies and interventions.

      Psychology, Health, and Medicine, 11(3), 353-363. DOI 10.1080/13548500600595327.

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