Nail your philosophy essay with these 3 super-easy steps


Many students find it hard to compose a convincing philosophy essay within the strict deadline. This type of essay is usually longer than the other essays, and some of you may not be able to complete it on time. However, you can beat the deadlines if you carefully plan, have patience and work on the paper keeping your target audience in mind. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, for this blog has got you covered.

Writing such an essay is not as difficult as dealing with a Java programming assignment. The tips mentioned below will certainly help you take care of your essay like a pro. Let’s begin.

Most of the students tend to lose valuable marks in their philosophy essays because of a weak structure. You need to create an outline, build your argument and conclude your paper on a compelling note. Implement these tips, and you will submit a proper essay in no time.

1. Understand your audience

A philosophical essay is usually based on a reflective statement or a fact. You can either agree or disagree with that statement. Your audience may or may not agree with you. Your audience will be interested in your essay only if you can respond clearly and logically to the topic. Your audience may have questions regarding the matter. Make sure you have the answers to their questions.

2. Organise your thoughts

You need to organise your thoughts to make your essay more coherent and thoughtful. The organisation of ideas is vital since it will bolster the argument and will help your reader understand what your essay wants to convey. You can create an outline, summarise your response to the topic and then start writing the paper.

3. Structure your essay

Make sure that your essay has a clear and concise structure. You must write the piece following a solid structure with a clear mind. Say, within the same deadline you also need to work on SQL homework. Get help for the latter and focus on one task at a time. Your structure of the essay should have the following:

  • Introduction
  • Arguments
  • Counter arguments
  • Conclusion

You can also discuss the opinions of renowned philosophers if you want. Just remember that the paper should not be a mere report of your opinion on the topic.

Wrapping Up,

These three tips are enough to help you start writing your essay on philosophy. However, at times, certain situations may prevent you from focusing on your work. In that case, get help from the right people. Would you get Economics homework help from a Historian? Obviously no! Thus, in case of your philosophy paper, get help from someone who has attained his/her Master’s degree in this discipline.


Assignment 1: fink steps 1 and 2 using 5th grade math lesson 7-9 | EDU 543 Designing Engaging e-Learning Experiences | Strayer University

I need help in completing this paper using a 5th grade math course by Wednesday at 3pm.   For this first paper, you will work through the first two steps of Fink’s Initial Design Phase using A Self-Directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant Learning, L. Dee Fink, PhD.  The assignment details are attached.  Can you help?

Week 1 assignment first steps | EDU 635 Community & Youth Development | Ashford University


Write a two- to three-page analysis of your community and the existing programs for youth within this community using the following guidelines:

1. Using your research from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Fact Finder (Links to an external site.), Pew Research Center (Links to an external site.), and the National Center for Education Statistics (Links to an external site.), create an info-graphic picture of your community to support your written analysis. Embed the info-graphic picture into your analysis as a chart illustrating the written analysis. Your info-graphic and analysis should illustrate those statistics that have direct bearing on the 40 Developmental Assets identified by the Search Institute which can include, but are not limited to:

· Population demographics, including ethnicity and special populations

· Economic status

· Housing and household demographics

2. Summarize youth-related issues that seem to be at the forefront of your community. Use specific examples to support your observations (newspaper headlines, community meetings, political platforms, etc.) and cite your text when appropriate.

3. In support of your written analysis, create and embed a table that identifies the resources for young people that already exist in your community. Your table should include:

· The name of the program

· A short description of the program’s mission

· An analysis of how the program engages with the youth they serve (Are they partners with adults?)

· Summarize which of the 40 Developmental Assets the program focuses on or attempts to meet with their program. Please the full lesson work attached.

How to write a most effective summary in easy steps?


A synopsis is the short record of a book that conveys the primary thought. It very well may be composed for anything like a book, a diary, an article, an examination paper, or an essay. Writing a synopsis shows that how well an essay writer has comprehended the primary thought of the content to introduce it to the readers. 

Writing an outline relies upon the writing aptitudes of an individual. A decent rundown is a dense diagram and not an investigation of the first bit of writing. 

Writing an outline isn’t simple. It is extremely baffling to evaluate which detail ought to be added to the rundown. In the event that you follow the progression gave beneath cautiously by essay writing service experts, you will have the option to draft a viable and winning rundown. 

Steps to Write a Summary 

1. Understand well: The initial step to write a decent outline is to peruse the first content cautiously and mindfully. The principal perusing you do should just peruse without taking notes. Peruse the content to simply get a handle on the primary thought and the subject of the substance. Get acquainted with the tone and style in which the writer has composed the content. 

2. Comprehend the principle thought: Once you have wrapped up the content just because, reflect what you have perused. Distinguish the primary concerns and thoughts in the content and perceive how the creator has masterminded them in grouping. To comprehend the content better distinguish the 5 w’s (the reason, what, who, where, when). 

3. Peruse and take notes: Now when you know about the fundamental thought and subject of the content, rehash it and take notes. Note down the focuses you think will go best in your synopsis. For your simple, underline the theme sentences and feature the statements and plot focuses. Likewise, note the quantity of significant occasions assuming any. In the event that you go over something that you don’t comprehend, feature it also. Peruse until you are certain how your synopsis will be. If you can’t then you can pay for essay and complete your work.

4. Arrange the notes taken: Now that you are finished perusing, sort out the focuses and thoughts you assemble from the content. Sort out them such that they bode well and result as a solid reference of the content. Ensure you have accumulated the privilege and the most significant focuses and explain anything you believe should be comprehended. 

5. Build up a theory articulation: A decent outline requires a postulation explanation. The case a writer makes in the presentation that shows the comprehension of the writer’s work. When writing a synopsis, you simply rehash the primary contention without molding it as indicated by your conclusion. 

6. Write short passages: Summary is a dense structure text. Try not to scar the readers away by making long passages and including superfluous subtleties. A synopsis is written in the current state. It incorporates the name of the creator and the title of his work. Try to add a theme sentence to each section and change words too. 

7. Check for precision: Now that you have composed your rundown, rehash it to check in the event that it precisely mirrors the creator’s thought and focuses effectively. Ensure that you have appropriately referred to the statements utilized in the synopsis. 

8. Edit: Also, check for mix-ups and mistakes like spellings, jargon, accentuation, sentence structure, and so forth and make altering for presenting your task. 

Writing a synopsis isn’t a simple activity in any event, for an essay writer. Drafting a rundown requires different kinds of abilities. Each student searching for experts to “assist me with write my essay” can get writing services on the web.

Next steps: multidisciplinary evaluation team

Next Steps: Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (Attachment)

The Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (MET) includes educational staff and specialists who collaborate to make decisions regarding the special education eligibility and placement process. The MET decides which formal assessments to administer to gather additional data on academic, social-emotional, speech-language, or gross/fine motor concerns. Special education teachers should have a working knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the MET including participants and their roles and responsibilities. Teachers should also be able to analyze assessment data to recommend additional assessments that should be administered by specialists, when necessary.

After reviewing the “Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (MET) Case Study,” reflect upon the following in a 750-1,000 word essay:

  • Who would participant in the MET? What role does each team member hold and how can these team members collaborate effectively with the student’s family and each other?
  • What background and informal assessment and observation information does the case study illustrate that might be significant to the MET? Why?
  • What additional information, not mentioned in the case study, could be gathered that might be significant to the MET? Why?
  • Recommend one formal and one informal assessment for making eligibility, program, and placement decisions, including at least one example that uses technology in one of the assessments. Justify the recommendations.
  • Support the essay with 2-3 scholarly resources.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located on the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.