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    Week 2 shubin assignment | Science homework help

     Week 2  Shubin Assignment  (2S2) Read Chapter three in the Inner Fish, answer the following questions and prepare to discuss this material during week 3 class.


    .  Compare the genetic recipe that builds our hands with the recipe that build’s a fish’s fins.  [this question covers the entire chapter – perhaps consider it last!]

    2.  TRUE or FALSE:  All of the cells of our bodies – nerve cells, skin cells, bone cells, etc. – contain exactly the same DNA as each other.

    3.  What causes a skin cell to be different from, say, a bone cell?

    4.  At conception, we start out as a single cell (a sperm cell which has merged with an egg cell).  Explain how the plan for our entire body unfolds from the DNA in that single fertilized egg cell (called a zygote).

    5.  What are limb buds and what will they develop into?

    6.  What happens to development of limbs when the ZPA (zone of polarizing activity) in the limb bud is removed during embryonic development?  How does the timing of removal effect development of the limb?

    7.  What happens when the ZPA is transplanted to the other side of the limb bud?

    8 What happens when a tiny piece of foil is placed between the ZPA patch and the rest of the limb?  What conclusion can be made from this experiment?

    9.  What are the hedgehog and Sonic hedgehog genes and what do they do?  Where are they active in the embryo?

    10.  What animals have the Sonic hedgehog gene?

    11.  TRUE or FALSE:  The DNA recipe to build upper arms, forearms, wrists and digits is virtually identical in chickens (birds), frogs (amphibians), and mice (mammals).

    12.  Is the recipe that builds our hands new, or does it have deep roots in ancient ancestral creatures?  Explain.

    13.  TRUE or FALSE:  Sharks are the most ancient surviving fish that have paired fins and a skeleton (cartilage) inside.

    14.  Does Sonic hedgehog behave the same way in the development of skates’ (close relatives of sharks and rays) and sharks’ fins as it does in the development of our own hands? Explain.

    15.  Explain:  How did scientists create “fingers” on skates using a protein from a mouse?  What is significant about the results? 

    16.  Did the ancient transition of fish fins into limbs involve new DNA?  Explain.

    2-3 assignment: maintaining supplier relationships | people planet profit | Southern New Hampshire University



    In this module, you have learned about the importance of prioritizing people, whether it be employees, the local community, or customers. In this assignment, you will explore important considerations for culturally competent business practices, which can help strengthen and maintain relationships.


    You are a procurement manager working on training a new sourcing analyst. As part of their training, they will be traveling with you to meet with new and existing suppliers for specialized parts your company needs. This will allow your colleague first-hand experience and help them develop relationships with the business professionals they will be working with in the future.

    You need to make sure that they are familiar with cultural business practices for the places you will be visiting so that existing business relationships remain strong and new relationships start off well. You have decided to create a brief guide that includes the cultural considerations they will need to be aware of while doing business.


    Use the Module Two Assignment Template Word Document to create a guide that provides a brief overview of culturally considerate business practices for three countries of your choosing that are outside of the United States. Use course and external resources (such as the Shapiro Library) to gather information on your selected countries and their cultural business practices.

    Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

    • Authority Figures: Describe how figures of authority are treated and shown respect in each selected country, as well as actions or communications that may cause unintended offense.
    • Levels of Formality: Describe the level of formality that business professionals follow in each selected country. Examples are things like language, dress, or etiquette.
    • Social Norms: Identify common social norms that should be used in business in each selected country, as well as hand gestures and body language that should be avoided or that may cause unintended offense.
    • Time and Scheduling: Describe how the concepts of time and scheduling are treated in each selected country, as well as considerations for business-meeting etiquette that should be considered to avoid causing unintended offense.
    • Business Practices: Describe general business practices that should be taken into consideration when conducting business in the selected countries. Examples include meals, cultural holidays and events, and the use of formal contracts.

    Guidelines for Submission

    Submit the Module Two Assignment Template to complete this assignment. Use bullet points when completing the template. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

    Short and irrefutable | Science homework help

    In this activity you will be honing your scientific argument skills to a razors edge.  For this assignment you will make short but irrefutable arguments for either side of each of the 3 following issues.  Each of the arguments should be no more than 1 page long and have proper citations for evidence from peer reviewed journals.

    Short, meaning you have chosen the 3 lines of evidence or examples that completely prove your argument sound and valid. In addition to your 3 lines of evidence to support your side of the debate, you may provide 1 example or line of evidence that completely falsifies the other side of the debate (thank you Karl Popper). You should cite peer-reviewed sources for all your evidence.

    Irrefutable means the argument cannot be proven wrong or argued against, slam-dunk, you win. This is far more challenging than it may appear and really demonstrates your ability consider both sides of an issue before making a stand. You should ask yourself which side of this issue has the better argument before you take a side.

    The issues:

    1) The anthropogenic role in Global Warming

    2) The health risks of vaccination

    3) The ethical, environmental or health risks of using genetically modified organisms

    Assignment on the role of international and local agencies in


    Write a 1000 -1200 word essay describing a global public health challenge and critically evaluating the role of international and local agencies in responding to it as per the requirement file attached in Harvard referencing.


    Here is list of the 7 topics out of which you can select one for this assignment:

    1. Diabetes Type II

    2. Pandemic influenza

    3. HIV prevention

    4. Climate change

    5. Healthy ageing

    6. STIs

    7. Cardiovascular Diseases


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