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In this assignment, you will create a minimum 525-word rough draft of your persuasive essay. Review your thesis statement and research you gathered in Weeks 1 and 2 before beginning. Be sure to note any feedback from your instructor about changes you might want to consider.

There are different approaches to preparing a draft, so feel free to explore what works best for you. You may wish to start by creating an outline that you can refer to as you compose your draft. An outline also gives you an opportunity to record notes to yourself on where to flesh out ideas; you can use this as a reference for later revisions. The Creating an Outline document from the Center for Writing Excellence includes a sample outline. Other approaches to preparing your draft include: writing it from start to finish, writing the body or sections individually, and then compiling and adding connections, starting by writing what intrigues you most about the topic. These strategies are meant to help you get started on your paper but remember to revise so that you have a complete draft to submit. Keep in mind that only the draft will be required for submission in this assignment. You do not have to submit your outline or notes.

Complete the following as you prepare your rough draft:

Rough draft review process evaluation | GEN 499 General Education Capstone | Ashford University

Purpose: The primary goal of this weekly assignment is to enable you to understand the revision process and revise your paper with the help of a writing specialist.


Step 1: Prepare a shortened version of your Final Paper (at least four pages) by including the following:

  • Introduction paragraph and thesis statement you developed for your Week 3 Assignment.
  • Background information of the global societal issue you have chosen.
  • Brief argument supporting at least two solutions to the global societal issue.
  • Conclusion paragraph.
  • Must document any information used from at least five scholarly sources in APA style as outlined in the University of Arizona Global Campus Writing Center’s Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.) Note that you will need at least eight scholarly sources for your Final Paper in Week 5.

Step 2: After you have completed a rough draft of your paper, submit that draft to the University of Arizona Global Campus Writing Center by using the instructions found in the Paper Review (Links to an external site.) page. Your paper will be returned within 24 hours, so give yourself enough time to complete and submit it prior to the due date.

Reflect: Carefully review the summary feedback found in the email from the tutor and the margin comments that you see on your returned paper. Consider each of the suggestions provided to help you to revise your paper.


What You Need to Submit to Waypoint:

  • Upload the document that contains the feedback from the Writing Center specialist.
  • Submit the journal assignment answering the following questions in at least 400 words:
    • Identify the top three issues your writing specialist focused on in your rough draft (e.g., paragraph structure, proper use of quotations, thesis statement, etc.).
      • In what ways were those issues surprising?
    • Describe what you learned from some of the feedback your writing specialist provided as explanations.
      • Was this feedback helpful?
    • Evaluate the usefulness of the paper review tool.
      • In what ways did this activity improve your academic writing skills?
      • Will you use the University of Arizona Global Campus Writing Center to review your work in the future? Why or why not?
    • Identify Writing Center Video Tutorials (Links to an external site.) that you find most useful and explain why. Also, identify tutorial(s) you found least useful and explain why.

Tek/objective, staar tek/objective, and procedure/activity rough

Create a document with What Do You Do With a Tail Like This by Steve Jerkins and Robin Page book. Create a rough draft with the following plan parts TEK/Objective, STAAR TEK/Objective, and Procedure/ Activity. Ideas for teaching each part of the lesson should be researched using various websites but should be as original as possible.

A rough draft for a 5 paragraph essay and then final draft.

i will need a rough draft by the 22nd of september and then a final draft by the 29th of september,

What are the three best things that the federal government of the United States, the state governments of every state in the United States, and the local governments of every city and county in the U.S. can do to reduce the number of people in this country who are contracting the coronavirus? This is a five paragraph essay. It must be typed and double spaced. Here is a sample thesis statement: The federal government of the United States, the state governments of the U.S. , and the local governments in every city and county in the U.S. should do the following three things to reduce the number of people who are contracting the coronavirus:___________________________________________,______,
and ____________________.

 Use the following transition words in these particular locations in your essay:
1. In the second paragraph, start the paragraph with the word “First.”
2. In the third paragraph, start the paragraph with the word “Second.”
3. In the fourth paragraph, start the paragraph with the word “Finally.”
4. In the fifth paragraph, begin the paragraph with the words “Inconclusion.”

The first paragraph is an introductory paragraph. It should have a hook that will grab the reader’s attention in the first sentence. The last sentence should be your thesis statement. Make sure your thesis statement is only one sentence in length. Your second paragraph should discuss in more detail the first solution you mentioned in your thesis statement. Your third paragraph should discuss in greater detail the second solution you mentioned in your thesis statement to reduce the number of people who contract the coronavirus. Your fourth paragraph should discuss the third solution you mentioned in your thesis statement. You fifth paragraph is your conclusion. It should also have your thesis statement in it, either as an exact restatement or as a paraphrase of the thesis statement you had in your introduction. Every paragraph must have at least five different sentences in it

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Write a rough draft on this topic: 

  • What financial changes do I need to make to retire at the age of 62?

Include the following in your milestone submission:

  • A title page
  • An outline of your project which includes:
    • Main points and sub-points
    • One paragraph describing your revised topic selection and a question or thesis (Links to an external site.) statement to investigate critically.
    • One paragraph describing how you will use the intellectual standards to critically investigate the topic. You may wish to refer to Paul and Elder (2010).
    • One paragraph providing an overview of how your assumptions and questions on this issue could skew your critical thinking on this issue (Paul Elder, 2010).
    • A reference page which includes three new scholarly references to investigate your critical thinking question or thesis. The CSU Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a good place to find these sources.