Rock and roll music homework


Please watch the video, “Woodstock.”  This is a concert video of the three day music festival  in 1969. 

Your job is to pick one aspect of the film and in detail write a 600 word paper.  I am looking for descriptive persuasive writing. You may use any format styles such as MLA. Since this is a college paper please no first person. This means if you use the word “I”, “I think”, “I feel” etc. you will receive a zero on your paper. In addition please do not rehash the film with a blow by blow description.  Such as, “The film starts out with this and then this happens and it is followed by this etc.”

Unit 2 assignment: rock and roll – music as a cultural artifact –


Unit 2 Assignment: Rock and Roll – Music as a Cultural Artifact – Guided Listening Assignment

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For each week in our course, you will consider music as a cultural artifact and be assigned either a piece of music or a specific musical artist to explore and analyze for the week. This week, you will be listening to music from the early Rock and Role  genre. As you have read this week, Rock and Roll was a term first coined by DJ Alan Freed in the 1950s. Rock music was often synonymous with R&B in the early years. However, Rock and Roll, with the exception of Little Richard and Chuck Berry, began with white artists “covering” hits that would have at one time be considered R&B.