Responses to rise of industry-populism and progressivism

Read chapters 19,20,21 

After you have read ALL textbook assignments for Unit #3 write an essay that includes ideas listed below.

Question:  Discuss the responses by Populists and Progressives to the “urban industrial society” that emerged at least by 1900.

 Compare and contrast these two movements?  Include in your discussion the goals, successes, failures, positive and negative effects of both movements.

Rise of progressivism discussion | History homework help


Read the following Discussion question carefully, then submit an original answer.  Your answer should be at least a few sentences to a paragraph in length.  There is no “right” or “wrong” answer, but your opinion should be well-reasoned and based on fact.  (no references needed) this is just an opinion…

The reform movement known as “Progressivism” sprang from many different sources and wasn’t always a uniform program or philosophy.  How were some “Progressive” ideas contradictory to others?  How could conflicting goals both be considered “Progressive?”