Reassessing and revising the strategic plan

In discussing strategic management systems, Bryson seems to be somewhat uncertain and emphasizes that formal and bureaucratic systems develop when there is an attempt to institutionalize strategic planning and management. He argues that these systems, in many instances, tend to drive systems away from wise strategies and action.

Discuss what needs to happen when any strategic management system or strategic planning process is threatened by forces that drive away wise strategies, actions, and learning.

Revising work and presentation of it

please revise the attached tesla company document based on followings;

 Don’t need Research andDevelopment unless it is significant to marketing. Find a relevant examples for marketing. Don’t care about production unless it is significant to marketing. Add some relevant examples how it can affect to marketing. Need to hear about the 4 P’s (you already have the Product section).product, price, place, and promotion. Go big on Promotion and media plan and sample advertisements. New and follow-on products a brief mention only. Focus on the here and now. 

Once you revised please create a power point presentation based on attached guidelines.