Professional audit worksheet: functional resume | GEN 102 Digital Literacy for Life & the Workplace | Ashford University


Prepare: Prior to beginning work on this assignment watch the Week 4 Assignment video (Links to an external site.), review the sample resumes, check Support U for resources including a model assignment, and read the following:

Reflect: Once you are ready to take the next step in your professional journey, digital tools can help you prepare for and find that perfect position. Think about the tools you have in your personal skillset. What strengths will you highlight in your career search? Consider your past work experience to help you decide which resume template to complete. If you already have considerable work history and education under your belt, then the reverse chronological resume is the one to choose. However, if your work history is limited or consists of several short jobs, a functional resume might be the better option as it places more emphasis on skills than work history.

Write: Select and complete the template that best fits your experience and background:

Developing a strong resume and cover letter

The purpose of this assignment is to present yourself professionally for employment in the field of special education through the development of a resume and cover letter. A cover letter serves as the specific introduction to a resume for each separate recipient, while the resume contains consistent, professional information regarding your professional background, education, and experience, no matter the recipient. A resume should be updated often as information changes or is added.


Using these sources as a guide:

  • Create your own cover letter.
  • Create your current resume.

 You will not need a title page for this assignment, as your one-page cover letter will function as your title page.

The Developing a Strong Resume and Cover Letter 

  • Must be one page in length (not including cover letter and references page)  It must include the following:
    • Personal information
    • Career title and objective
    • Experience
    • Education
    • Community involvement
    • Skills
  • In the place of a separate title page, this assignment requires a professional cover letter with the following:
    • List your contact information
    • List the information for the employer you are contacting
    • Address a person by name whenever possible
    • Tell them why you are writing and demonstrate some knowledge of their company
    • Using your three skills and examples, tell them why you are qualified for the position
    • Thank them for their time and tell them what you want to happen next
  • Consider using additional scholarly sources in addition to citing the two required provided sources (must cite Career Services at the University of Arizona Global Campus sources).

Your job ad, resume, and cover letter


Step 1

Find a job ad for a job that you feel might be a good match for your interests, skills, and experiences. Take a screenshot of the ad to include with your submission for this assignment. 

Not sure where to find a job ad? Check out open jobs on the FIU Career and Talent (Links to an external site.) webpage. Interested or curious about non-profit jobs? Check out

Step 2

Using the advice from your own Resume Do’s and Don’ts from your own (or someone else’s) Planning Your Resume post, write your complete and polished resume.

Advice for people who already have a resume: Don’t just drag out the old version and make minor changes. Because while doing so might save you time and intellectual effort on this assignment, it won’t help you to think deeply about your choices. A resume is a living document that should be deeply revised — not just when you add a job or academic degree but whenever you learn new and better ways to present yourself. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Step 3

Using the advice from your Recommended Cover Letter Resources Guide from last week’s assignment, write a cover letter that assembles and explains your skills, experiences, attributes, and interests in such a way that they tell the reader a story of how well matched you are for the job posted in the ad you found. This is harder than it might sound. Allow yourself at least two hours to work on the letter.

There is no word count

Planning your resume discussion board

1) Planning your resume discussion board 

Make your list of three DOs and three DON’Ts for building a resume. 

Write a list-introduction paragraph that you’ll put in front of your list to let the reader know a bit about your research journey and choices. 

Be sure that for each item on your three DOs and three DON’Ts for building a resume list that you provide the URL to the original source. Let your readers follow in your footsteps if they want, going back to the source where you found the advice.

Your initial post must be at least 200 words long.

2) Thinking about Cover Letters 

The cover letter provides information to link the applicant’s skills and experiences to the job ad in a more narrative (storytelling) fashion than is possible with a resume.

For this assignment, you’ll write your own Recommended Cover Letter Resources Guide, providing a brief summary of what each resource on your guide offers that you find potentially useful to people who need to write a cover letter template to use in the future.

For each source on your list, provide a brief but specific summary of what that resource offers that you find potentially useful to people who need to write a cover letter template to use in the future. 

Checklist for your Recommended Cover Letter Resources Guide submission: 

  1. List three Cover-letter-advice related sources, 
  2. Provide a useful summary for each listed source, (This is where people often sacrifice points because their summary isn’t usefully specific.)
  3. Provide the URL (web address) for each, and
  4. Be at least 200 words long.