Writing assignment 2 | Political Science homework help

The topic for your writing assignment #2 is below. . The writing assignment should be a minimum of 750 words. You should use information from the textbook and outside sources to complete the assignment in the textbook. You must include a Works Cited page and in-text citations. See the Writing Assignment Instructions for more information.

  • There are numerous noneconomic interest groups that seek to influence public policy in America today. Choose one noneconomic interest group you are familiar with and briefly describe it. Is it a public-interest group, issue or ideological group, or a government interest group? What are some characteristics of the group that make it that type of group?  Discuss the tactics that interest groups use to interact with members of the government and influence public policy. How does the interest group you selected use these tactics?  How successful are they are at achieving their policy goals?  Do you think it is appropriate for interest groups to have access to government officials and potentially influence them? Why or why not?

Can someone help me with this assignment?

I have to write a Bill about public and enviromental health, it could be about any issue the USA is currently facing.

I was thinking about something that could help/improve the national biodiversity, that could conserve part of the U.S. lands and waters to protect the environment and address climate change by 2030 and other goals necessary to reduce the threats to biodiversity, specially for the upcoming generations.

you can use this bill as an example for some guidance:


Assignment | Political Science homework help

We need your help to ensure that community colleges continue to be funded. We need you to:
(1)  Send a letter to the governor
(2) Call Speaker Anthony Rendon 
(3) Call Senate Budget Chair Holly Mitchell

Background information 

Calibright College is an online community college that is costing California taxpayers a lot of money. In the time of Coronavirus we do not need this institution rubbing our community students. Calbright spent $140 million dollars last year and only graduate 20 students. The former CEO Heather Hiles spent less than a year into the job, she resigned f March 31, 2020. Her salary was $385,000.

https://www.calbright.org/about/careers/ (Links to an external site.)

The 114 community colleges in California are working to defund Calbright. We just got the news that they will be voting on whether to continue funding Calbright or to cut our community college budget by as much as 20 percent this Thursday.

We need to put pressure to end the funding of Calbright today and tomorrow. Please send a letter to Governor (the letter is already written, you just have to sing it)  Newsom and call Speaker Anthony Rendon and Senate Budget Chair Holly Mitchell.

Instructions are on the link below. 

We need your help to ensure that community colleges continue to be funded. We need you to:
(1)  Send a letter to the governor
(2) Call Speaker Anthony Rendon 
(3) Call Senate Budget Chair Holly Mitchell

Click here bit.ly/1521Calbright (Links to an external site.) and follow the instructions to get this done.

Attached are talking Points for Senators: 
Holly Mitchell and Anthony Rendon.
Rap for Rendon and Michell-calls.docxActions
Take a Picture of the letter as proof of your participation 

Courts, departments, civil rights | Political Science homework help

Objective: (1) Identify a topic within an executive  department division website to explore its wider issue in opposing view points in context.

To do this,

Find one of the examples regarding civil rights enforcement  from Hasan, Netflix, click,  bureaucracy, enforcement, court system


Option: Independent Regulatory Agency.

  • Example, Environmental Protection Agency – search environmental justice [or any public good function from module 1 assignment
  • example list, New York Times, ” The Trump Administration Is Reversing Nearly 100 Environmental Rules. Here’s the Full List.”

copy/paste to url, https://nyti.ms/2L3DbcI

  1. Go to, the organization’s website and insert terms such as civil rights, rights,  enforcement, compliance. [ must address a public good]

By Thursday midnight, Post the following questions in this Format:

a. Which department, agency did you select responsible for enforcement of civil rights? [Url address]

b. Select a topic Courts, departments, civil rights | Political Science homework help from the department’s  website, along with an announcement or related sources? [use search box, attach Url address]

c.. What general issue from ELAC’s library database, “opposing viewpoints in context” would you recommend — Hint 2nd image in click, Library search pointers

No need to include a selected article source here.

By midnight Saturday– REPLY  (10pts)

  1. address the person by Name;
  2. Search ELAC’s library database, “opposing viewpoints in context” with a term from #1. tell them which “search within”  term used for your source click, Library search pointers 
  •  Please Write source, title, author, date, 2015 – present, bibliographic info at the bottom of the page

Reply part:

a. The department I chose is the Department of Justice

https://www.justice.gov/crt/immigrant-and-employee-rights-section (Links to an external site.)

b. The topic I chose is Immigrant and Employee Rights

c. https://na05.alma.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/fulldisplay?docid=alma991004787903405265&context=L&vid=01CACCL_LACCD:ELAC&search_scope=ELAC_LibraryCatalog_and_CI&tab=Everything

3. How does the source relate to the Civil Rights Division Website topic? 

Check List:

The original thread must include (1) a clear thesis statement, which addresses directly the question posed by the instructor; (2) Please note the 300 or less word limit for your original post. 

La county-city-school-district .gov | Political Science homework help

Part 1: Government websites by State/local questions from Governing Cal. State & Local Governments-3

Your task is Search for government website within from your LA county district# 

Submit (3) websites relevant to (3) questions from readings documents, Governing Cal. State & Local Governments-3 below:  

Choose 3  questions choices from the following:

  •   Example of local government’s Legal Framework: general-law v. charter?  search  (1) either a city or school district or special district within your County # map, click Zipcode Map
  • Example of a Los Angeles County government One type of service website?
  • Example of the LAFCo’s role, incorporation process, website?
  • Example of a City government services website? within your County # map, click Zipcode Map
  • Example of a  City Government representation system, mayor-council vs. council-manager system? within your County # map, click Zipcode Map
  • Example of  a County  limited -purpose of Special districts, 
  • Example of a  regional government and the problem it addresses?

The Process?  Search government websites based on Three (3) of the above bullet point or questions,

NOTE: the above questions are from module 3 click, Governing Cal. State & Local Governments

Source for the websites either google the name of the Local government from The map or use the LA County website click  https://lacounty.gov/government/

Part 2: Census and Demographics

Three website guides — Submit (2) websites and data relevant to the above (3) government websites Above:

County Statistics is an option: 

  • Go to the  Los Angeles County, click  https://lacounty.gov/government/  > Census 2020  >  
  • Once on 2020 Census click top of the page tab resources > additional resource > census maps & profiles by county district number [your group # zipcode map] click, https://census.lacounty.gov/
  • Zipcodes, map, and stat is a good start  to review demographic and other activity within [your group # zipcode map]

Equity  website on economic, earnings outcomes option:  

–Background story to the website: click, NPR story (Links to an external site.)

(or copy/paste to URL:  https://www.npr.org/2018/11/12/666993130/zipcode-destiny-the-persistent-power-of-place-and-education )

Review for terms and possible national topic (left column) that may apply to your zip codes,

Equity  website on broad demographic, economic, readiness  option:  

 Go to, https://nationalequityatlas.org/

Click TAB INDICATORs > demographics and equity  dropbox 

General Los Angeles County data by Zipcode  option

Go to Additional Database: Los Angeles click,  http://www.laalmanac.com/cities/ci99a.php 

Since 1998, the Los Angeles Almanac has been a unique online reference devoted to providing statistical and narrative information about the people, places, and stories that make up the incredible panorama of Los Angeles County.  


 Did you include state/local group #.  click, People

How do I view my Canvas groups as a student? 

https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10661-421255565 (Links to an external site.)

  1. does the submission include: 
  •  (3) government websites ? Are the websites of governments within the LA county board district = your group #?
  • (3)  URL/links of each of the website by question example?
  • (3) labeles or Titles

Are the government website(s) relevant to the questions? Explain with a note/sentence “how you found the site/relevant answer” 

Part 2

Part 2 census/demographic  

  • Did you include at least (2) two (website sources)? with url/links?
  • zip code?
  • Example of Data category that interested you?

Title your selection, i.e., the demographics, equality, and location, & Zipcode and how you found the data about people, economic status within your group# district, or Los Angeles County?


Political sience essay | Political Science homework help


Compose a full analysis essay on Carl Von Clausewitz’ .. (FILE ATTACHED BELOW)

1) Include two types of analysis
– compare and contrast, argumentation, prescription, proscribe, etc.
– ideas can be internal analysis ,external analysis ,or one of each
2) Use sections 2, 4, 11, 23, 24, 25 and/or 26 as the basis for analysis

**Essay is graded on structure, clarity of writing, and completeness of analysis


  • Clausewitz’ ideas are relevant for United States policy today.  By investigating current national security topics such as ________, __________, and _________, it can be shown that there is a political object to war.  Furthermore the political object will be related to larger U.S. foreign policy objectives.  Lastly, a determination will be made if the conflicts and potential conflicts are emotionally driven or politically driven.