assignment: how i think | Nursing homework help


In this assignment, you will apply the use of reasoned arguments and personal beliefs to a case study.

Step 1: Consider the scenario:

Amnesty International has recently established a chapter in your area. Residents are encouraged by the organization’s message and good reputation, and everyone is determined to make this local chapter one of the largest in the state. In order to drum up further support, you have volunteered to create content for a group page on an online social network outlining the mission of Amnesty International. Another member suggests that you highlight a case with moral implications that is currently being contested.

Step 2: Research a moral issue.

Use the Internet to research a moral issue. Focus on the specific moral questions being debated as well as the opinion of all sides within the case.

Step 3: Examine a moral case study.

Address the following by creating content for your group page in hopes of attracting new members to your local Amnesty International chapter:

  • An explanation of the issue
  • The possible viewpoints and conclusions
  • A clear statement of your conclusion
  • An explanation of how you reasoned your way to your conclusions
  • An explanation of which underlying beliefs clashed with or supported your conclusion
  • Arguments to support your conclusion
  • How to form a reasoned argument illustrating the new belief

Remember, you are writing for a wide array of potential members. It is important that you exhibit superior knowledge of the subjects being covered while still packaging the materials in a way that is fun and engaging for new members. They should be excited to join your social network group. Follow these guidelines to further engage the audience:

  • Use clear, concise sentences.
  • Use clear and relatable real-world examples to help explain concepts.
  • Share your enthusiasm and interest in the subject matter.
  • Relate the material back to your own personal experience when possible.

Benchmark – risk management program analysis


The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a health care risk management program.

Conduct research on approaches to risk management processes, policies, and concerns in your current or anticipated professional arena to find an example of a risk management plan. Look for a plan with sufficient content to be able to complete this assignment successfully. In a 1,000‐1,250-word paper, provide an analysis of the risk management plan that includes the following:

  1. Summary of the type of risk management plan you selected (new employee, specific audience, community‐focused, etc.) and your rationale for selecting that example. Describe the health care organization to which the plan applies and the role risk management plays in that setting.
  2. Description of the standard administrative steps and processes in a typical health care organization’s risk management program compared to the administrative steps and processes you identify in your selected example plan. (Note: For standard risk management policies and procedures, look up the MIPPA-approved accrediting body that regulates the risk management standards in your chosen health care sector, and consider federal, state, and local statutes as well.)
  3. Analysis of the key agencies and organizations that regulate the administration of safe health care in your area of concentration and an evaluation of the roles each one plays in the risk management oversight process.
  4. Evaluation of your selected risk management plan’s compliance with the standards of its corresponding MIPPA-approved accrediting body relevant to privacy, health care worker safety, and patient safety.
  5. Proposed recommendations or changes you would implement in your risk management program example to enhance, improve, or secure the aforementioned compliance standards.

In addition to your textbook, you are required to support your analysis with a minimum of three peer‐reviewed references.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.

Benchmark Information

This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competency:

BS Health Sciences

3.2 Discuss compliance with risk management protocol.

Assignment critique | Nursing homework help


Duration: 1hr and 30 minutes

Marks: 10


You are required to critique the article “Elahi M, Mansouri P, Khademian Z. The effect of education based on human care theory on caring behaviors and job involvement of nurses in intensive care units. Iranian J Nursing Midwifery Res 2021; 26:425‐9”.  

The critique of the article should be based on the NICE guidelines, in your own words in the following areas:

1. Method of allocation to intervention and comparisons 

2. Outcomes 


A.  This should be an individual activity and your original work, without consulting anyone. 

B. You are required to submit the completed activity through the LMS and a copy by email. A copy may be sent through email if you find any difficulty to upload your document (within the stipulated time limit). In such case, label your document as name_critique (eg: Zahra_critique). 

C. You may choose to either submit the critique in typed format or you may handwrite and scan the document. 

Economic analysis of supply and market structure of healthcare

You just started working as a Health Service Manager for a health care company within an industry)

a.  Hospital (national Network)

Your boss has asked you to write a memo detailing the factors impacting the supply of your product or services and how the market structure of your  impacts the quantity supplied and the pricing of your product or service. 

Journal assignment | Nursing homework help


Write a brief journal identifying leadership strengths. Discuss your strengths and how they match these leadership strengths. Explore a potential plan to enhance areas that you identify in yourself as weak.  

Minimum 250  words. 

· One full-page typed and double spaced is equivalent to 250 words (your minimum required)

· References and citations should be scholarly, peer-reviewed (no blogs, WIKI, or other school of nursing website) written in Current APA Style

Due on sunday before midnight.

Accomplish 2

For this week’s assignment, I want you to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to effectively managing your time. 

To start this assignment, take a few moments and reflect on what a typical day or week for you is like. How do you manage your time to be sure that you get through everything you need to accomplish? 

Here are a few example questions to guide you:

How many hours a week do I currently spend on class or homework? 

How many hours do I spend working, volunteering, or on extracurricular activities? 

How long is my daily commute? 

How much sleep do I get a night? Do I prioritize making sure that I get enough sleep?

How many days before an assignment is due do I start working on it? Do I utilize the syllabus to plan ahead?

After you answer these questions, reflect on some of the following:

What negative activities am I participating in that are taking time away from being more productive?

If I had to pick one thing to eliminate, what would it be? 

What should I prioritize more? 

Your assignment should be at least one page in length. The assignment is due on Sunday before midnight.