Develop a newsletter article for an education institution


  • Describe what is meant by an organization’s culture.
  • Describe your ideal organizational culture.
  • Present a social or economic justice issue.
  • Explain the historical leadership practices within the organization, including how past leadership may not have supported the social or economic justice issue and how you, as a leader, would support the issue today.
  • Examine leadership styles and attributes and present what leadership styles and approaches you would use to build and keep a strong organizational culture.
  • Conclude with your leadership reflections

Length:  4-5-page newsletter, not including title or reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources

Fact sheet on a higher education institution selected by the student


Fact Sheet on a Higher Education Institution selected by the student where the student has had no past or present relationship. 

Title Page (Sample Title Page located at content tab) • •Chapter 1. Institution History & Introduction Section (1/2 page) 

Chapter 2. Governance Structure Section (1.5 pages) 

Chapter 3. Organization Structure Section (1 page) • 

Chapter 4. Institutional Data/Statistics Section (2 pages)

  • Reference Page