Develop a financial plan (part 1/3)


The Course Project is based on the following scenario:

A new president has been selected to run your university. His first initiative is to impose a new strategic direction that focuses on three key priorities:

· Increasing student engagement

· Integrating information technology into programs and services

· Developing measurable learning outcomes

This has the potential to change a number of operations, priorities, and the allocation of resources in your department.

For Part 1 you will consider new priorities on which your department should focus, identify what new initiatives should be undertaken based on those priorities, develop proposals based on those initiatives, and explain how they meet the new institutional priorities. 

Please see attached  assignment in the word document 

Identify your Department:

New Departmental Priorities:

How might these new institutional objectives impact your department?

Determine the new priorities the department would need to pursue to meet the institution’s new strategic direction.

Identify new initiatives to be undertaken and explain how they align with the department’s new goals

Recommend Proposals:

Develop two proposals that reflect the new priorities and initiatives. 

Identify the purpose of these proposals, and describe the relationship of these proposals to the institution’s new strategic direction. How will these proposals contribute toward the achievement of the new strategic priorities?

Part 1: Length: 3 pages

How to select and develop a mind-blowing assignment topic?

Like you cannot travel without knowing the destination; similarly, an assignment is nothing without a perfect topic. A good topic gives you the direction to proceed and guides you throughout the writing process. Therefore, you cannot just pick up any topic and start writing on it. 

You need to select and develop a perfect topic for your assignment on the foundation of which you can build an impressive assignment. You cannot wait for the magic to happen; rather, you have to follow a planned procedure in selecting the topic. It is good to take assignment writing help New York if you are stuck in selecting your topic. Here we are presenting the way to select and develop the topic in the easiest possible way –

1. Identify the requirements – Before starting to hunt for the topic, you must be fully aware of the requirements. Narrow down on the scope, area as well assignment length to be clear about the direction of your search. If you have to select from the list of available topics, you can discuss the feasibility of the topics of your interest with the professor.

2. Go on familiar terrain – There may be some areas that interest you, but you are not well-versed with them. Rather than going for a completely new topic, select the one in which you hold some prior knowledge. Working on a familiar topic will not only give you the right direction, but you will also enjoy drafting the assignment.

Also, do not go for a topic that is still untouched. You will be tired of searching for some useful information on it. Look for a popular topic which is interesting as well as possesses wide scope.

3. Narrow down on ideas – Once you have finalized the area of research, start conducting some background research to explore the field. Look for the related issues which have a deep impact on the subject. For example, if you are looking for women’s empowerment, you can narrow down on issues like poverty and illiteracy, which are the major cause of backwardness of women.

4. Develop the question – One of the best ways to put forward your idea is to present it in the form of a question. For e.g., if you are researching women empowerment, again, you can draft your topic like “How is poverty the culprit for suppression of women?”

5. Choose the main concepts – Now, when you have the topic in hand, you have to choose the keywords on which you will conduct research. These keywords must be directly or indirectly related to the topic and help you broaden your perspective on the issue. You can look for the right content in your library, online sources, databases, etc. With a topic nicely developed, it becomes easy and convenient to write down the thesis statement, which is the heart of every assignment.

With the above procedure of selecting and developing an assignment topic, you will surely be able to come up with a strong idea and topic. You can get it finalized with your professor once you are confident of it.

Summary: This article provides winning ways to select and develop a perfect assignment topic for you.

Develop a lesson | Education homework help

Welcome to module twelve! The guiding question for this module is – What is the role of translanguaging in promoting school belonging?

For this module you will read chapter eleven in the text, watch the overview presentation and a video on being an advocate for students. and article (DeNicolo et al., 2017).

Instructional Planning Board Prompt:

For this planning board please develop a lesson that will be part of your thematic unit. This lesson should address social-emotional well-being, language development and content learning. Consider the following questions when planning Micro Lesson #4 :

1) How does the lesson build on translanguaging pedagogy and support student sense of belonging?

2)  What aspects of your lesson or unit reflect con respite, con cariño, como familia and acompañamiento>?

3) Describe how the lesson and/or unit reflect critical consciousness and socioemotional health?


PLZ  use citation from the reading Ch11 and Reimagining Critical Care 

the answer should look like file ex lesson plan

Analyze how children learn develop, recognizing that patterns of learning and development vary individually within and across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical areas.

Analyze how children learn develop, recognizing that patterns of learning and development vary individually within and across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical areas.

Develop time-management skills | Education homework help


Most people spend several hours a day doing things they do not enjoy, that are a waste of time, and/or that do not relate to their priorities and long-term goals. This week, you will track how you spend your time in order to start developing and implementing time-management skills that will help you make the most of your time at NCU.

  1. Create a list of your priorities. Identify which ones are your top priorities.
  2. Write a brief explanation of what your top priorities are and why.
  3. Keep a journal for two days listing everything you do for those 48 hours (make sure to include everything—sleeping, eating, social media, watching TV, exercise, working, family time, schoolwork, etc.).
  4. Identify how much time you can reduce on certain activities that do not align to your priorities (as outlined in Step 1).
  5. Read all resources for this week.
  6. Make an action plan (1 page) detailing how you will utilize at least five time-management strategies during this course.

Length: 3-5 pages

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources

Develop a note-taking process | Education homework help



This week, you will find peer-reviewed scholarly research studies: one should be a mixed methods study, and the others can be either quantitative or qualitative or both. Use the note-taking worksheet in the books and resources section of this week for each of the articles you find in the NCU Library.

Using the note-taking worksheet provided in the books and resources section, find the elements of research to fill in the table. In addition, make sure you use proper APA citation, form, and style. These elements are listed in the worksheet—but understand you may at first have difficulty finding them, so feel free to use the checklist elements discussed in this week’s content when reading the articles.

  • What is the type of study?
  • What is the purpose of the study?
  • What is the population and sample size?
  • What research design is being used?
  • What is the method(s) of data collection and data analysis?
  • What are the results of the data analysis?
  • How do the results of data analysis relate to the findings?
  • What are the conclusions?
  • How does the study relate to similar research? 

The information you include in your note-taking worksheet can be brief, in the form of notes. Any time you enter information that is a direct quote from the original source, be sure to enclose that information in quotation marks so you can cite it correctly in your paper and include a page reference. Failure to correctly cite can lead to a violation of academic integrity. Such violations are recorded in your student record and can have serious consequences, including dismissal from your program.

Length: 3-4 pages, or however long you need to summarize your scholarly articles

References: Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed scholarly resources 


Books and Resources for this Week

Develop a newsletter article for an education institution


  • Describe what is meant by an organization’s culture.
  • Describe your ideal organizational culture.
  • Present a social or economic justice issue.
  • Explain the historical leadership practices within the organization, including how past leadership may not have supported the social or economic justice issue and how you, as a leader, would support the issue today.
  • Examine leadership styles and attributes and present what leadership styles and approaches you would use to build and keep a strong organizational culture.
  • Conclude with your leadership reflections

Length:  4-5-page newsletter, not including title or reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources

Make a plan (on a separate page) and develop your ideas (3000 words)


As a leader of a new school you have to manage your unit. Consider the topics and issues as followed: 

– Dimensions of Education

– Characteristics of an effective teacher and the effectiveness of his teachings

– Practice and Teaching

– Curriculum, content and implications

– Assessment methods

– Intercultural education

– Reasons for teachers’ stress

– Anti-bullying and enhancing teachers’ wellbeing

– School’s management

– Etc

Present your ideas about how you are going to manage your school. As a leader you have to refer to the areas that you will be considering for an efficient school operation and how you will approach the management of your unit. You are the leader of the pyramid and you have to manage all of the stakeholders of your unit including teachers, students, parents etc; as well as all the relevant policies. 

Provide and describe your decisions and also justify the decisions taken for your institution.

(3000 words)

To develop learning activities for toddlers designed to enhance

You’ve been working in a multicultural early childhood care facility for several months when the director asks you to design some new learning activities for the toddler classroom. The director seems especially interested in activities that will enhance the toddlers’ affective development through play. It’s important to you that the activities support self-esteem.

Focus Assignment

1. Identify three specific affective behaviors and describe a learning activity designed to address each of these behaviors, basing the activities on the humorous play. Describe an additional learning activity designed to enhance positive self-confidence.
2. Be sure to read the SELF-EVALUATION section below to guide your thinking. Write your self-evaluation after you have completed mapping out your plan.


1. For each activity:
     a. Explain how this activity addresses the issues in the scenario.

Develop a critical analysis of a key marketing challenge facing an

 Develop a critical analysis of a key marketing challenge facing an organisation or sector of your
This could be any kind of marketing challenge – for example: how an organisation might embed a
market orientation into their culture; how they might overcome a  PR disaster; or how a whole sector
could adapt to radical changes in consumer/public demands (for example the rejection of single-use
plastics). However, developing a marketing plan is not a suitable choice for this assignment, as it is not
sufficiently embedded in marketing theory.
The critical analysis should:
1. describe the challenge faced by the organisation or sector
2. identify the relevant marketing theory/theories that will help you make sense of the challenge
you have identified
3. critically review the relevant academic literature in order to gain a deep understanding of the
challenge faced
4. outline and analyse possible solutions to the challenge faced, and recommend a course of action
to be taken