Unit 5 assignment: informative speech outline (com107 introduction to


Topic: Bad lifestyles and habits people should be aware of and their consequences

Specific Purpose: To inform the people in all levels of life of the specific bad behaviors and lifestyles that might appear interesting doing but having a long lasting negative effect on life  hence communicating on the importance of avoiding such lifestyles and habits for healthier ones.

Thesis: Life is a matter of choices and each choice has a consequence. Embracing negative behaviors and lifestyles results to miserable and desperate life while as opting to engage in positive behaviors and lifestyles is restraining in a way but ends up in quality life success.

Attached Files:

In this assignment, you will create an outline for your informative speech to be delivered in Unit 7.You have two options to complete this assignment: You may submit your research in an outline form  in a Word document according to the template in the attatched instructions; or you may use the PowerPoint template to submit your research.