Leadership challenges in community colleges

400-500 words

Every leader is faced with a challenge at some point in their career. In this question, respond to the following case scenario to address the challenge outlined. Answer the questions from the perspective of a college leader. Has your institution ever dealt with a similar situation?

Case Scenario

The chair of your college’s counseling department informs you that she has heard that high school counselors are telling juniors and seniors not to consider attending a community college. She tells you that high school students are being told that community colleges are low‐class institutions for losers. If students cannot be accepted by a major private university, they are told to apply to the nearest state university and to stay away from the local community college. High school publications indicate that 25 percent of graduating seniors are accepted directly into universities. No mention is ever made of how many graduates attend the local community college.

What issues does the scenario create? What leadership competencies are involved? Who should be involved in addressing the situation? What actions would you take? Are there lessons to be learned? (Boggs & McPhail, 2016, p. 12).


Boggs, G., & McPhail, C. (2016). Practical leadership in community colleges: Navigating today’s challenges. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.


Journal analysis: historical black colleges and universities | EDUC 562 – Introduction to Higher Education | Liberty University


Journal Analysis Instructions

You will write an essay (800–1000 words) in which you compare 3 scholarly journal articles with different points of view on the same topic/issue you select on some issue related to higher education. The articles must be current (5 years or less). The journal analysis will include a title page, a reference page, and have a minimum of 800-word limit. Your analysis must thoroughly interpret and examine the articles for perspective, validity, and significance of the findings. You should support your discussion with relevant facts, arguments, examples, and details from your review of the article; your analysis should be well-reasoned, indicating substantial breath and depth of thinking. There must be a clearly identified Discussion section in which you describe the practical application to the broader industry of higher education at large. You must identify relevant scriptural principles and perspectives from a biblical worldview, including at least 1 relevant Bible verse. In composing this section please ensure that you fully explain how your chosen verses and scriptural principles relate to your chosen topic 


Influences on colonial colleges | Education homework help

Describe two primary influences on the practices of early colonial colleges. Are these practices related in any way to current day higher education practices? If so, in what ways? If the practices you described are not present in current practices, offer an insight as to why the practice(s) might have become obsolete or impractical? *With  reference page*


Reflection paper about the founding of american colleges


  • Based on the reading & video, what was the purpose of higher education in colonial America? 
  • Based on the reading & video, who was higher education meant for in colonial America? If you’d lived in colonial days, would you have been among the earliest college students? Why or why not? 
  • Are the values and characteristics of the colonial colleges still in place today? Explain your point of view with examples. 


In MHE 7100, each reflection paper will include both a clearly demonstrated understanding of the reading material as well as a clear demonstration of connection between the student’s personal experiences and the readings. 


Evaluation   Criteria

Requirements   for Earning Full Credit

Maximum Point   Value of Criterion per week


Engagement with the reading

Shows clearly that   the student read and understood the source text(s) that inform the paper.

Summarizes key   points or issues in the source text and then critically analyzes or   synthesizes those ideas with the student’s own ideas and experiences. 



Use of source material

Source materials are   introduced, contextualized, and made relevant to the purpose of the paper.

Based on references   to the sources, it is always clear when information, opinions, or facts come   from a source as opposed to coming from the student.




Develops specific   ideas in depth with strong and appropriate supporting examples, data, and   experiences. 




Minimum length of   300 words has been met. 

Few, if any, errors   of punctuation, spelling, capitalization (mechanics).

Few if any   grammatical errors (agreement, tense, case, number, pronoun use).



Required materials ^^


Assignment | organizational theory and behavior | South Carolina Association of Colleges and Universities

Assignment 3 – Cultural Dimensions

Please go to the websites below. I want you to select 5 different countries, examine their cultural dimensions and compare it with yours. I want you to print the comparison chart and include them for submission.


Among the 5, choose one country and analyze the similarities or differences of each or the 6 dimensions from your own country. If you were to be assigned in this country as leader or manager, how would you adjust to the dimensions to become an effective leader or manager.

*  This assignment is an individual assignment. 

*  Please refer to your textbook for further information or do a research on the different dimensions to help you better understand each one of them.


Is physical education essential in colleges?

College life might get a little bit monotonous after a certain point. Everyone deserves to take a break at times. However, the best type of break is one where you are literally given attendance for having fun. We are talking about physical education. It offers a delightful opportunity for students to indulge in a diverse range of physical activities including sports as well as exercise. Regularly participating in some form of physical activity can significantly impact a student’s life. It is indeed very essential in college and there are a whole range of reasons for it. You will get acclimated with the reasons as you continue reading the article. 

Importance of Physical Education in College

Any form of sport is actually a type of entertainment. It is a break from your daily life. It is almost as if you are able to temporarily visit an alternate reality that operates on the basis of a completely different set of rules. For instance, in normal life, kicking a ball into a net will not entitle you to any form of accreditation. However, it is called football in the world of sports. Want to hear the raging cheers? Get on the field and show your moves!

The foremost point of physical education is maintenance of physical health. To maintain anything in life, the most important factor is discipline. You have to be patient and persevering. Indulging in physical exercise on a regular basis puts you in a kind of routine where you can better accommodate yourself. This makes you more diligent. 

As stated previously, physical education is about maintaining physical health. The life of a college student might be full of fast food and disrupted sleeping hours owing to the pressure of improving academic performance. So, regular involvement in any type of physical activity, be it exercise or sports, can make up for it. You can take help from websites that will write essays for you if it gets too hectic to manage time for assignments. One must be fit and healthy in order to have a sustainable life. If you do not take this seriously now, it will make you vulnerable to a plethora of health-related complications as you grow older. So, better be safe than sorry. 

  • It Encourages Socialization!

In physical education, team-based competitions are a significantly frequent phenomenon. At many times, you will find yourself teaming up either with or against a peer you have not personally interacted with before. In the course of the game, you get the chance of communicating with your peers and this is a very effective way of socializing. 

  • It Improves Productivity!

What is the biggest result of reducing stress? It is an improvement of productivity. When you are not stressed, it means that you are not distracted. Naturally, when you are not distracted, you can concentrate a lot more. You also get a range of sports education benefits if you devote yourself to physical education attentively. When you do anything in a half-hearted manner, you are never able to achieve successful results. 

Indeed, sports have a lot to do with team spirit. And wherever there is a team, there is a leader. A captain always leads their team from the front. As you keep serving a team as its captain in a match, it builds up your skills to make decisions on the go. You have to be dynamic and proactive. It is a great way to practise your leadership skills and improve your decision-making abilities. Leading a team in a sports-related environment can prepare you to lead teams in other scenarios as well. 

As mentioned earlier, physical education often lands you in teams. Whenever you participate in any form of team-based exercise, it is a test of your coordinating abilities. Many suggest that sports are the best way of teaching people the true value of team spirit. When you play together, you win together. It also teaches you how to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of people and assign them responsibilities accordingly. For instance, in football, a team has 11 people, each having their own role. There are strikers, mid-fielders, defenders and goal-keepers working unitedly. 


Physical education is not just essential, but rather extremely crucial in college. We just told you about all the benefits that you stand to gain if you indulge in physical education being a college student. At the end of the day, physical education is indeed a kind of education. It plays an important role in ensuring your physical wellbeing as well as your mental wellbeing. So, when you enlist yourself in any college, never forget to check in the brochure whether they can allow you to avail classes for physical education. It can truly help you a lot. 


Future of open-door policy in community colleges

500-600 words

Open-door admissions—or the ability to serve every adult who can benefit from instruction— has been debated. In some of the popular community college publications, some community colleges evaluate the positives and negatives of maintaining an open-door policy.

Read the following case scenario and express your opinion on the decision by the university. Justify your response by referencing the readings and citing specific arguments found in them.

Case Scenario

You receive a letter from the president of the nearest state university, the major transfer institution for your students. The letter informs you that, because of state funding reductions, the university will limit the number of transfer students it admits so it can preserve seats for deserving freshmen. In addition, the grade point average for students transferring from community colleges will be increased from 2.75 to 3.25 beginning next fall semester.


What issues does the scenario create? What leadership competencies are involved? Who should be involved in addressing the situation? What actions would you take? Are there lessons to be learned? (Boggs & McPhail, 2016, p. 41).


Boggs, G., & McPhail, C. (2016). Practical leadership in community colleges: Navigating today’s challenges. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.


Microbiology gram negative- unknown project. | microbiology | California Community Colleges System Office

My investigation is on Gram-Negative. I will be attaching the descriptive chart

No you do not need to fill anything in on the descriptive chart, there will be some blanks and that’s okay.
So the next thing you look at for the gram negative rod will be the oxygen requirement on your descriptive chart. If it is aerobic then you will need to move onto the species ID chart to compare Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter, and Alcaligenes. If its a facultative anaerobe then you keep going on the flow chart looking at motility. If its non-motile you would have Klebsiella or Shigella. If its motile you will have one of the many bacteria in Group IV. To distinguish group IV you go to the other Gram negative flow chart for Group IV and V to narrow it down. Be sure to pay attention to the variable results for citrate, that I mention in the zoom. Once you get to an end point on that flow chart you move to the species ID chart. Morphological, Cultural, and  Biochemical characteristics indicated are on the descriptive chart that will be attached. The combination of all the results given will allow for the identification  of the bacterium to the Genus and Species level using flow charts and a species identification chart.   Followed by utilization of DNA sequencing to provide final confirmation of the genus and species.This paper will include the methodology used in the research, the results of your research, and interpretations and conclusions drawn from these results. Your conclusions must include the identification of your assigned bacterium down to the species level.

Suggested order to complete the report:
1.  Create your Table: The best place to start is create your Table of essential and non-essential
tests.  You should jot down the essential tests as you run through the identification using the
flow chart(s) and the species ID chart.  Any test that you had to look at the result of on the flow
chart and species ID chart is an essential test.
2.  Create your Dichotomous key/Flow chart:  Once the table is created the essential tests in the
table are the same tests that should go on to the flow chart, so this would be a good next step in
writing your paper.  Also you should do this soon after you have ID’d using the flow chart and
species ID chart that way it is fresh in your mind and will be easier to create. Even if you just
rough draft sketch it out on paper then you can later create the polished version in the
3. Write your Results section and complete your Results Journal: These can be completed in
either order or done simultaneously.  You will need to refer back to the Biochemical testing labs
to get the info such as appearance of the results and meaning of the results.  Remember for
your journal you will images from the internet and include the link to the webpage you found
the image on.  
4. Discussion:  Write your discussion.
5. Introduction: Write your introduction.  It may seem weird, but it kind of makes sense to write
your Introduction last, what better way to be able to introduce and summarize the project then
after you have written the entire report.