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Part 1

Select a dataset. It can be five to six articles, or a dataset from SAGE Research Methods. Code 10 passages from that dataset. Cut and paste those passages, along with how you coded them and submit them in a Word document 

part 2 

Using the same dataset you used in assignment A, select similarly coded passages, and give me a write-up (500 words) of how you think those passages are significant in the larger context of the dataset.


I’m wondering if you might want to go with a simpler approach to complete part A. Instead of trying to get Excel to perform as many tricks, maybe just code your passages for assignment A manually? Simply go through your data and code each sentence by making a notation on the side of the document. That would satisfy the requirements of the assignment, and save you a lot of headaches.

For part2 you will take 10 statements which have the same code assigned to them and paste the sentences into the same document. Once you have all of those statements in a single document, see if you can find any patterns in them, and/or why they are meaningful to the text as a whole.

For example: I chose to pull 10 sentences which I code as discussing “learning strengths and deficits”. These statements come from many different articles. A pattern that I noticed was that articles focused more on deficits than strengths. Another pattern I noticed was that instruction was planned around deficits rather than strengths. From these two patterns I recognized that authors tended towards a deficits-based approach to education.


Rasmussen him1126 module 1 coding quiz/rasmussen him1126 module 1


Question 1          

ICD-10-PCS is the HIPAA mandated code set for reporting:

Inpatient diagnoses
Inpatient procedures
Outpatient procedures
Outpatient diagnoses

Question 2          

If the intended procedure is discontinued before the intended root operation is performed, which root operation is used for coding the initiation of the procedure without completing the procedure?





Question 3          

The total number of characters in an ICD-10-PCS code is:





Question 4          

The number of root operations available to use in the Medical and Surgical section of the code book only is:


Coding | CJUS 750 – Qualitative Methods of Research | Liberty University

Return to the “Developing Research Questions” assignment
from Module/Week 3. With interview transcripts in hand, create a code book for
interviews. Begin in small groups, look at the ways people coded their
respective interviews. See if there is agreement on major and minor codes.
Discuss the different kinds of stories each coding scheme might tell. Cut and
sort by major and minor codes looking for patterns, relationships, further
categorizations. Make note of analytical findings. Hold onto these clumps of
coded data for a future exercise.


Assignment Specifics:

Student will write 3-5 page paper

Citations from any of the required reading/presentations
from the assigned module

APA format