Applying the code of ethics

  Assignment Instructions

As you have learned in this course, teachers serve as role models and your conduct, both on and off the job, can significantly impact your professional image. In this project, you are to read each scenario and answer the questions that follow. Your answers should be written in paragraph form and the overall project should not exceed two to three pages.

 It is highly recommended that you use the Grading Rubric guide.

 You will be graded on the following criteria:

1. Identification of the behavior
2. Standard cited
3. A justification for your responses
4. Alternative behavior
5. Spelling and grammar

Here is a copy of the North Carolina Standards of Professional Conduct.  


Select either the Elementary Ethical Dilemmas or the Secondary Ethical Dilemmas to respond. ***Do not complete both Dilemmas

For each scenario, you are to write a short paragraph that will:

Identify the ethical behavior/dilemma

Cite the standard of professional behavior from the Code of Ethics the action violates using the number, letter and roman numeral where appropriate

Provide justification for your selection of the standard

Describe an alternate behavior that is detailed and appropriate to take in that situation

Use professional language, spelling, and grammar

Naeyc code of ethical conduct


Consider how the core values in the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct set teachers of young children apart from other educators. Do they illustrate why early childhood education is a good fit for you based on your personal values, interests, and abilities? Discuss and explain. 

Write your reflection in a full paragraph (4-5 sentences)

Code of ethical conduct | Education homework help

****Plagiarism will b e checked***** 

The Assignment

Read the article- “Ethics Today in Early Care and Education.”  You will also need to read and become familiar with the “Code of Ethical Conduct Position Statement” article.  After reading these two articles and becoming familiar with their content- you will use the information to complete “Professional Ethics: Applying the NAEYC Code.”   Using the attached document you will choose one scenario from group one or two (and include it on your form) and then complete the 4 questions. You will the “Code of Ethical Conduct Position Statement” article to pull ideals and principles that support and guide you in your decision making.

For #1 you will discuss a minimum of 2 points from the “Ethics Today” article

Acceptable length for question #2: at least 2 core values should be chosen and included should be a discussion of why you chose them (minimum of 3 sentences for each core value)

Question #3: once you choose who you are responsible to, include a discussion of why you chose that group (minimum of 3 sentences)

Question #4: choose at least 3 ideals and 3 principles to support your answer.  (These should be copied and include the letters and numbers)

Question #5: This is where you discuss how you, as an early childhood educator, will handle/address the situation.  Specifics are needed here.  Pull your knowledge from this course and the provided articles  to assist you.  (Minimum of 7 sentences)  Specific references from our text or the articles must be included.  This can be a page reference, quote,facts from the articles, etc. This should be factual, not opinion based.

Grading Criteria

The summary is graded on a 100 point scale 

Maximum points are given when each question meets the requirements; Principles/Ideals are given to support your opinion, and a description of the impact of your decision on the child and family is provided.

Deductions of points are:

20 points: meeting paragraph and sentence requirements

10 points: including relevant information from the “Ethics Today” article.

20 points: including all information on the “Professional Ethics” handout

40 points: providing clear and appropriate decisions, in the implementation paragraph, based on the information from the article and our text.

10 points: use of original document

Points are deducted for errors in grammar and spelling. Also noted is clarity of the submission and students’ comprehension of the content.

law, the “code” or other school /district policies?

Ms. W, a fourth-grade music teacher, emails parents using the school’s email, notifying them that she is available on weekends and after school to teach violin to students at a reasonable hourly rate. Several of her violin students have been struggling with their lessons. Ms. W feels that the extra time out of school will benefit the students.

  • What possible issues/concerns might this scenario raise?
  • How could this situation become a violation of the law, the “Code” or other school /district policies?
  • In this situation, what are some potentially negative consequences for the teacher, for the students and the school community?
  • What responses/actions will result in a more positive outcome and/or what proactive measures might be considered?

Naeyc code part 2 | Education homework help


For each of the ideals that you discussed in the Code of Ethical Conduct, look on the internet and find one early childhood professional organization (local, state, or national) that could assist teachers, parents, and children with the ideal.  Therefore, you will find 10 different professional organizations, one for each ideal.  Complete the following chart for each professional organization.  Please include as much information on the organization as possible. 

Name of Early Childhood Professional Organization

Web Address

Mailing Address

Phone Number

Brief description of what the organization provides 

How the organization meets the needs of diverse families and communities 

What is at least one childhood issue this organization deals with and how might you advocate for it?