Curriculum context and knowledge in coaching




  Describe the factors that influence their current curriculum/program knowledge and context (see sample interview questions).
Based on your observation and the voices you have heard, write a report on the curriculum/program context and knowledge: 

(1). Curriculum/program resources: such as curriculum/program guide, textbooks, and supplied lesson/training/practice plans etc.
(2). Teacher/coach’s curriculum/program knowledge including curriculum/program and instruction/coaching models 

(3). Teachers’ voices, whether it works for him/her, types of curriculum/program support in the school, factor/foundations of program, and what areas need to change
(4).Your observation, reflective notes, thoughts, and discussion based on literature and the local school/program context. 


(1). The report should be written in APA 6 format with proper citations.
(2). You should avoid excessive direct quoting/copying from the articles.
(2). Page limit: minimum 6 pages (not exceed 10 pages, references not counted). (3). Students should also prepare a Powerpoint presentation in class for their report. 

2)also having examples of the four models coaching efficacy 



Sample Interview Questions to the Physical Educators (Change the terms for Coaches/Assistant Coaches

Curriculum Context and Support 

(1) What are the curriculum guides that you need to teach for the school year? (2) Could you describe the kind of curricular support that you have? 

(3) How would describe the equipment and facility situation for the required curriculum that you need to teach? 

Curriculum Knowledge 

(1) Could you describe the current curriculum that you are using?
(2) What kinds of curriculum models would you say that you are using? (3) What other curricula have you taught before? 

Teacher’s Voice 

(1) How well is the current curriculum working for you?
(2) How well do you think the current curriculum is working for your students?
(3) What components of the curriculum worked best for you? Or did not work well for you? (4) What factors have helped to shape the current curriculum/program?
(5) What would you like to change/add for the curriculum? 

* Please note these sample questions are for informal interviews, and should be used for relaxing conversations, not intended for questioning or interrogation manner. They should be informed that this is for class project only, not for research, or publication. 

* Please expand the questions and add follow-up questions as you see fit.   NO PLAGARISM!!!!

Coaching and mentoring | Education homework help

 Differentiate between coaching and mentoring. Provide an example to support how either of the two was used successfully in your current or past work life. 

Required Resources
Baack, D. (2017). Organizational behavior (2nd ed.). Retrieved from
Chapter 11: Authority, Power, and Politics
Chapter 12: Career Development and Career Management

Week 1 – difference between coaching and mentoring

Complete Parts 1-3 below as preparation for developing your coaching plan. Approach each part as a way to help the principal at your school understand the differences between coaching and mentoring, as well as consider important questions related to the coaching plan. 

Part 1:

Create a chart, diagram, or other visual display of the characteristics, roles, and responsibilities of coaching and mentoring. Highlight the similarities and differences between the two. 

Part 2:

Prepare a handout, brochure, poster, or other job aid that you can share with the principal and teachers on your campus that addresses the following questions: 

  1. What factors must you keep in mind when working alongside a new principal?
  2. What questions must you ask before determining a new coaching model or program?
  3. What are the strengths of the staff and how can these strengths be utilized in your coaching plan?
  4. In what areas will teachers need the most support? How will you determine these areas of need?
  5. How should goals for student learning be determined? How should those goals be addressed? 

Part 3:

Develop a list of five questions to ask the principal as you develop your coaching plan. Provide a rationale for each question and an explanation of how the principal’s responses will help guide you in developing an effective coaching plan.

Unit 3 coaching | Education homework help

 Deliverable Length:  5-6 pages 

Even though the professional development event that you planned on the use of technology in the classroom was largely successful, you still have one teacher on your staff, Pat, who is having difficulty using technology in the classroom.

Pat is a veteran English teacher who has taught for 34 years and plans to retire in two years. This teacher does many things very well and is well liked by the students though some have complained of this teacher’s lack of use of technology and the students’ inability to e-mail or use Web document storage sites to submit their assignments. Pat does not use technology to do other daily record-keeping such as reading e-mails, taking attendance, and registering grades electronically. Pat tells all parents and staff to call or visit in person, specifically asking them to not use e-mail. Basically, Pat does not use the computer at all and keeps all attendance and grades on paper by hand in the grade book.

While coaching is not just for employees in need of performance improvement, you want to help Pat recognize the value of using technology in the classroom.

  • Develop a coaching plan for this teacher. Be sure the plan includes the following elements:
  • Performance goals for this teacher
  • Caring, professionalism, and consideration in providing assistance to this person
  • How workplace satisfaction and motivation will be measured
  • The timeline for implementing the coaching plan
  • Strategies for monitoring the plan while it is being implemented
  • Evaluation strategies for determining the success of the plan

This assignment is a part of institutional effectiveness, program quality, and graduate candidate programmatic outcome mastery measurement initiatives. It is a common assignment that is required in every section of EDU672. Your assignment deliverable  will be assessed using  the grading criteria that align with the program progression and national standard requirements provided here. Your instructor will provide assessment results, including progression feedback, within the gradebook area for this assignment.

Create an individual coaching plan



Explore advocacy opportunities in the community.



Victor, a new parent to the program and the community, arrives late to pick up his children for the fourth time in two weeks. As the director of All Kids Childcare and Education, you are proud of the compassion, respect, and patience Master Teacher Veronica has offered Victor. You know that Victor and his family have relocated after a family hardship and they are struggling to make ends meet. However, you become concerned about professional boundaries after observing the following interaction.

 Veronica chats with Victor as they get the children ready to go home, not mentioning Victor’s late arrival. She asks Victor if he has found beds for all of his family members to sleep in. Victor says, “Not yet. I have been busy working two jobs. I was offered the opportunity to pick up a few extra hours at my second job, so I haven’t had time for anything else.” 

 “Oh,” says Veronica. “I have a couple of extra beds at my house. Why don’t I bring them over with all the bedding later?” Victor is excited and says, “Yes, thank you! Thanks also for the table, chairs, and dishes you brought last week.” 

 As they part, Veronica says, “And, Victor, don’t worry about being late to pick up your children. We are very happy to have them here.” 



As the director, identify if this in an ethical situation. Then outline a coaching plan with Veronica. The coaching plan should be a written Word document or PowerPoint Presentation and include the following:

  • A coaching plan for approaching Veronica. Will you have a casual conversation, a sit-down meeting, or use another coaching method? Support the method you choose with examples, and best leadership and ethical practices using outside resources.
  • A coaching plan for supporting Veronica. Were there boundaries crossed in Veronica’s interaction with Victor? Explain your perspective and how you will facilitate your interaction with Veronica. Describe your actions and interactions with Veronica. Include two suggestions for how you might have handled the situation differently using outside resources for ethical conduct in early childhood education.
  • Support for Veronica and Victor. Describe at least one follow-up action step needed from Veronica and from you. Include a rationale for each step. Offer at least three resources to support Veronica, with one resource that Veronica can use to support Victor. Information on how to locate and use the resources must be clear and detailed.

Inclusive coaching for sport | Education homework help

 It can be about racism, or women in sport or poor people compared to rich, the barriers people face at the local, club, national or international levels that prevent people from receiving the same opportunities in sport Learning outcomes 1) critically appraise the needs of diverse population groups in sport and exercise. 2) examine coaching practices that are inclusive to different populations. Photos are attached of the assignment brief