Coach pitino | Education homework help

1.)What were the allegations that Coach Pitino faced at Louisville? 2.)Iona AD Matthew Glovaski said Coach Rick’s values aligned with the goals and values of the college” Based on the allegations at Louisville… Do you agree? Please explain? 3.)How much do you think that one’s reputation and relationships go into getting hired as a coach? 4.)Coach Pitino stated he was unaware of the sex parties going on with some of his recruits and staff… Do you believe him? Why or why not? 5.)The writers of the Sports Illustrated article question the timing of the hiring of Coach Pitino… How do you feel about it? 6.)The SI article mentions “Pitino has not been personally tied to the strippers or the pay-for-play schemes. But he’s had not one, not two, but three former assistants implicated in major violations—and the latter two of them were implicated within weeks after the first scandal” 7.)What does that say about coach Rick’s judgment as a leader? 8.)After reading about coach Rick’s past? Do you think he deserves to be hired again?

Literacy coach interview | Education homework help


Literacy Coach Interview

After you develop a set of at least 10 questions, interview a literacy coach (preferably the one in your building) to enhance your understanding of what literacy coaching is all about. Use the resources you have read/watched/explored in the first five sessions of our course to inform your questions. You will submit your interview questions and a full summary of their answers, based on your findings.

Be sure to cite at least three references to the resources provided in this session in your response. Part of this should be making sure that you’re referencing the readings in the questions you write/ask.