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 Guided Response: Respond to my peer post, providing feedback on their positive characteristics. Discuss why at least one of their characteristics is relevant to you. 


Consider your current institution (educational or work). Describe the environment and culture. Is this culture conducive to learning? Why or why not?

Institutional culture is about employees or educators having the same values or beliefs.  The culture at my current work place is people first.  They believe that if they take care of their people then their people will perform better.  I work for a defense company, so it is important to have people performing to the best of their abilities.  The environment is also one that promotes education and the well-being of its employees.

 Now list five positive characteristics about your present institution and discuss how those characteristics support success. 

The first positive characteristic I would list about my company is people first.  They really do care about their employees, and they do this by offering paid disability is something should happen.  They also have employees set up one on ones in case something is bothering the employee or the employee just wants to talk about how things are going.  My company values the people that work there.  The second positive characteristic I would list is education.  My company supports the idea of employees going back to school.  They have classes on our own internal network and they will also pay the tuition of employees seeking a degree.  The third positive characteristic about my company is career advancement.  Once a month employees are encouraged to set some time aside in order to talk to their manager about where they are going and where they want to be.  If they are looking to get promoted then management will help them with the skills and education they need to get there.  The fourth positive characteristic about where I work is the people.  The people believe in being respectful to each other in a way that is different than other places I have worked.  People help each other when the need it, and they support each other.  The fifth positive characteristic about my company is the pay and benefits.  The pay is above average in my area and the benefits are extremely good.  All of this ties in with institutional culture because we all share the same values and believe in the quality of our work.

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For new behaviors to become effective and consistent they must be generalized. Students should take behaviors learned in conditioned settings and use them in natural environments in their community. An example of a skill that may be targeted in a special education program could be correctly using silverware to eat. If a student has bad table manners or cannot appropriately use or manipulate silverware, they may need to be taught this skill. Being able to use silverware to eat is a skill that should be generalized throughout settings. As students will often eat different foods in different locations with different silverware, generalizing this skill is necessary. Ways that can improve the generalization of this skill would be incorporating it in various settings which may include eating in the lunch room or eating in the classroom. It is also important the student uses a variety of materials such as plastic silverware and metal silverware. Students should be given a variety of foods to eat with which could increase generalization of which silverware items to use for different types of food (solids/liquids). Stimulus generalization occurs in different settings than that which the intervention took place. In using this method, the student may be first taught how to use a fork, spoon and knife in the cafeteria, once this skill is learned the instructors can then change settings and practice in the classroom or a different room. The example given in the text is when “a student might learn to raise her hand before asking a question in one teacher’s class and perform this behavior in another teacher’s class” (Maag, 2018). The Bible says “Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning” (Proverbs 9:9, English Standard Version). As this says, it is important for teachers to improve student learning and increase knowledge which can be done through the process of generalization.

Maag, J. (2018). Behavior management: From theoretical implications to practical applications (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage [ISBN 978-1-285-45004-9]