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· To provide students with opportunity to interact with each other.

· To expose students to primary sources and encourage strong analysis and Biblical evaluation.


Initial Thread (50% of overall score) should:

· be within 300-400 words

·  be written in essay format

· include a clear introduction with a strong thesis statement, a body and a conclusion. (3-5 paragraphs)

· give consideration to professional conversation, avoiding colloquial phrases, and maintaining kind and considerate verbiage. Less formal writing (first and second person pronouns, contractions) is allowable.

· follow Turabian, Author-Date style for source citations. Both parenthetical citations and the reference list are required, as students are drawing from different sources for this assignment. (See page 2 of this document for resources and specific examples.)

Response Posts (50% of overall score) should:

· be a minimum of 100 words to be counted toward the two minimum posts

· follow the same guidelines as initial threads for source citation and writing.

· Minimum posts include: response posted to a classmates’ thread, answer to a question posted on your own thread, or continued conversation with a classmate on the board.

· See page 2 of this document for tips on participation.


· Please note that each portion of the assignment is worth 50%. Instructors can deduct up to 50% from the rubric score for any missing posts. 

· Personal attacks, unkind words, profanity and other vulgar forms of communication will not be tolerated. The instructor can delete such posts at his/her own discretion and is not required to let you rewrite the work. Consider Eph. 5:4 “Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving,” Let’s treat others with the respect we would like to be shown.

· For details on points and distribution, see the Grading Rubric.


Tips for Participation:

· Engage with the classmate’s specific thesis/argument.

· Be encouraging, but go beyond “I agree,” or “I like.”

· Avoid “grading” type of comments. This is not a forum for constructive criticism, but rather a space for conversation on the topic you’ve chosen.

· Encourage dialogue by asking good questions:

o Avoid yes or no questions – these kill conversations

o Avoid rapid fire questions – stick to one question at a time to avoid overwhelming your classmates.

o Avoid questions that contain the answer.

o Ask open-ended questions

· Make sure that you are including strong supporting details in your responses, whether you are offering additional analysis for an argument with which you agree, or providing support to strengthen a challenge.

Remember, the purpose of this assignment is to engage in critical thinking and serious discussion. This can only be done when you take the time to engage classmates, respond to their threads, ask and answer questions, and consider comments and questions posed to you.

Guidelines for Source Citation:

This assignment follows Turabian guide, using the Author-Date style. For details on how to format citations using Author-Date style, visit the LUO Writing Center at the website below. You can view full essay examples, as well as guidelines on citing specific sources. 

General examples of source citations for the Discussion Forum assignment:

Direct Quote:

According to Hammurabi, “He may, however, assign a field, garden, or house which he has bought, and holds as property, to his wife or daughter or give it for a debt” (“Hammurabi’s Code,” 2017, 39).


In Byzantine towns, each family was responsible for its own upkeep, which generally included a small garden with either a fruit tree or vines, and work by family members in arts such as basketweaving, sewing, and the making of other household goods (Rautman, 2017, 1).

Review of the niall ferguson tv series civilization: the west and the

For the written assignment each student must write an approx. 3-page (750 words) personal review of the 6-hour Niall Ferguson TV series Civilization: The West and the Rest. The objective of the review is to consider the theme of the series in the context of the course and to develop your skills in summarizing arguments, evaluating evidence, and drawing your own conclusions. The review should identify what you believe to have been the most important points made in the series, identify the major sources of evidence used by the commentators,and raise any questions that you have after watching the series. The reviews will be graded on the basis of the accuracy with which they present the arguments of the series and the clarity and style with which the review is presented and the series is evaluated.

History civilization | History homework help

  • Open a web browser and type in the address bar –

    1. Scroll down the page and click on Download Second Life

  • The Second Life Viewer Download Page opens.

    1. Click on Download the SL Viewer on Windows.

    2. Download the program and then install it by clicking RUN.

    3. Use the default settings.

  • After installation the program will ask “Start Second Life now?”

    1. Click yes.

  • The main page will open.

    1. In the bottom right corner of the page click “start now”

  • A web page opens up and asks you to choose your avatar.

    1. Choose anyone you like. You can change it later.

  • You will be asked to create a username.

    1. You must follow the exact directions here.

    2. Enter any user name you wish, but you must preface it with UA13.

      1. For example, if I wanted it to be Danny, it would be UA13Danny.

    3. Check availability and click next step.

  • Enter required information

    1. Use your ualr email please.——–> ([email protected])

    2. Anything else is up to you.

    3. Click Create Account

  • You do not need to download and install because this has already been done.

    1. Exit out of web browser.

    2. Go back to the Second Life Viewer.

    3. Type in the name you chose “UA13Danny” in my case and your password.

    4. Agree to the terms

  • Wonder around in the entry area.

    1. Fool around here a bit to learn how to control your person

    2. Arrow keys move directions.

    3. There are many more control options you can figure out later.

  • In what looks like an address bar at the top of the screen type: Arkansas K-20 Center

    1. Hit enter.

    2. You will be teleported to the home location of Arkansas State University’s Distance Education Virtual World.

  • Walk around play a bit here. Note the various structures.

  • At the left of the screen click the magnifying glass

    1. A search screen opens.

      1. Type: Arkansas history

      2. On the other side of the bar it says Everything.

      3. Change everything to people and click search.

    2. Arkansas History (ArkansasHistory) rated G will appear.

      1. Click IM under the name.

    3. Another window opens on the right.

      1. Click Add Friend

      2. Another window opens saying “Would you be my friend?”

      3. Add your full name after that question and press OK






    Wonder around the island and note the architectural, cultural social aspects of the buildings from Egypt, Rome, Greece (including the theoretical temple), and ASU’s Wilson Hall.

    Write a two page paper using standard font and rules.  
    The questions you must answer are:
    What did you learn from the virtual world that you may not have noticed in a flat picture or book?
    What are the significant differences and similarities in the representations?
    After you passed the aggravating setup and technology, was it a bit of fun? 

    Any other information taken from this adventure should be included.


    Unit 7 assignment (his101 world civilization)


    Unit 7 Assignment

    Attached Files:

    Thesis Statement & 5 Sources for Empire Comparison 

    To demonstrate your understanding of world civilizations, your final assignment will focus on the analysis of the rise and fall of empires/kingdoms throughout the time period in which we studied. For this part of the assignment, you will submit a thesis statement that will be the foundation for your Empire Comparison Assignment that will be submitted in Unit 8. You will also provide a list of 5 sources that you plan on using to write the assignment. See the file attached above for the specific directions and expectations used for grading this assignment and more information about the Empire Comparison Work.

    As you begin to include evidence and research into your work, you will need to follow a citation method. APA format is a way for you to cite information. The most important thing to remember when including evidence in an this assignment or even a discussion board post is that you have to give credit to the source of that evidence. 

    Unit 1 assignment (his101 world civilization)

    Unit 1 Assignment (HIS101 World Civilization)

    Attached Files:

    Civilization Comparison 

    For this assignment, you will choose two cultural periods from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. You will develop an paper that analyzes the similarities and differences of the two civilizations in the areas of political structure, social structure, military, and religion. See the file attached above for the specific directions and expectations used for grading this assignment.