The trouble with boys paper 1100-1400 words, apa format 4 citations


The statement below is what the paper is based on. I also attached the grading rubric. 

The Trouble with Boys


“Educators are searching for new ways to help tackle what is being called the ‘problem of  boys.’ Boys are biologically, psychologically, and developmentally different from girls.  They have better hand-eye coordination, enabling them to excel in sports and video games, but they lag behind girls in academics, whether it’s learning to hold a pencil in preschool or enrolling in college.  This shouldn’t surprise us, since the academic achievement of girls has been given most of the support and attention since the 1970’s. 


Now that it’s clear that boys are falling further and further behind, it’s time to begin offering boys special advantages.  We need to experiment with alternative approaches such as smaller classes, all-boy schools, financial bonuses for male teachers, and incentives to encourage boys to complete high school and go on to college. 


If we don’t take these steps, we risk a world where women have all the advanced degrees, the best-paying jobs, and the leadership roles.”

The statement above is what the paper is based on. 


Management class (assignment 2.3) (2-3 pages + citations) | Management

Competitive Advantage, Strategic-Management, and Groupthink

Do some research and answer the following critical thinking questions from this week’s readings. In your analysis, cite a minimum of three (3) references from different sources (the textbook can be one source).

  1.  1) Apply the VRIO framework to assess whether your current employer or a previous one has a sustainable source of competitive advantage.
  2. 2) Describe the five steps of the strategic-management process. Which step of the strategic-management process do you believe is the most important? Defend your position.
  3. 3) Discuss why groupthink is dangerous and from your experiences, identify some best practices you witnessed or used to help employees or colleagues avoid falling victim to groupthink. In the workplace, how does groupthink affect how decisions are made and the outcomes from those decisions in the organization?

Your submission should be a minimum of two (2), double-spaced, full pages of analysis with proper reference citation per current APA guidelines.

unit 7 assignment: apa style in-text citations and references


Unit 7 Assignment: APA Style In-Text Citations and References

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Thus far, you have been asked to provide a link for sources used in your posts as a way of attributing credit to the source.  However, as a student of Psychology you will need to attribute credit for your sources by including in-text citations in accordance with APA style.  In this assignment, you will replace the links you have submitted for two (2) of your discussion board posts (submitted earlier in the course) with the appropriate in-text citations, as well as the appropriate reference citations at the end.