Coca cola is the chosen company for this project


Project: Information about Coco Cola

Coca Cola is the chosen company for this project.  

Refer to web-site of Coca Cola: and access its annual reports (Form 10 K) filings. 

Data for year ending December 31, 2018 should be used for this project. 

Answer the following questions and give page references from company’s annual reports for your answers if any.

1.         Who is the independent auditor of your company?  Who pays that auditor? 

2.         How much is the total stockholders’ equity for the most recent year reported?

3.         Report the change in total assets over the two most recent years reported.

4.         Describe one interesting piece of information for external user that is included in the management’s discussion and analysis.  Why do you think it is interesting?

5.         Did the gross profit change over the reported years? How much were the changes?

6.         How much is the total inventory for the reported years?  Do you think the company has enough inventories?  Why?

7.         State and describe one accounting principle (GAAP) used or followed by the company.  What action of your company would have violated that principle?

8.         Which method(s) of inventory valuation the company uses? Can your company choose LIFO method for tax purposes without changing accounting method for reporting inventory?

9.         What methods of depreciation are used by your company?

10.       How much property, plant and equipment was purchased in the most recent year reported?

11.       For the most recent year-end reported:

            (i) What is the number of shares authorized?

            (ii) What is the number of shares issued?

            (iii) What is the number of shares outstanding?

12.       On the year-end date of the most recent year reported, if your company had declared and distributed ten percent stock dividends for common stock, how many shares would have been distributed?

By now, you should have chosen a topic for your research paper. tell

By now, you should have chosen a topic for your research paper.  Tell me:

1)  who you will be interviewing and what historical event or period they were involved in.  Include the year and the place in which your story takes place.

2) List one other primary source (not the person you are interviewing) you might use for your paper.  Remember that a primary source comes from the time period you are researching.

3) Cite this source correctly and fully. You can check this link for a guide to citing sources.

4) In a sentence or two, tell me what information you hope to find from this other primary source that will help you write your paper.




The real paper’s instructions are:


Oral History: Choose an ordinary person you know and show how an important event or period in 20th century history impacted his or her life. You will do this by interviewing one or more people and taking note of their experiences during an extraordinary time.  You will have to compare their feelings and experiences to how we look back at the past event or period today.


Here is how to do this:

  1. Find someone – preferably a family member – whom you can interview. Have them tell you about their experiences during an important historical event or time period. This is important: you don’t just want someone’s opinion of an event – you want their experiences living through an event or time period.


  1. The event must have something to do with U.S. history. It could be an event that occurred in the United States (Red Scare, Counterculture), or an event in which the United States was involved in some way (Vietnam War, Arab-Israeli conflict).


  1. Find other primary sources (other people, newspapers, etc.) and compare them to your subject’s recollections and experiences. A primary source is one from the time period of your event – an eyewitness to the event.


  1. Compare all of these primary source recollections to a modern interpretation of the event. This can be found in a secondary source. A secondary source looks back at the event from today (history books or articles will help here).


  1. Draw some sort of conclusion about the topic based on all you have learned from the primary and secondary sources – did you gain greater insight than you would have from just reading about it in a textbook?


Structure of your paper:

Name your political party and evaluate why you have chosen that

Name your political party and evaluate why you have chosen that | History homework help

  1. Name your political party and evaluate why you have chosen that name.
  2. Create a symbol for your political party and explain why you have chosen that symbol.
  3. Create a slogan for your political party and justify why you have chosen that slogan.