Child development and community | Education homework help

1. what are the benefits of quality child care on a child’s development 

2. in what ways does the macro system influence quality child care?

3. what role to you as an early childhood educator, have in a child’s mesosystem?

its about an academic how they treat the children i will send  the lick to whoever is going to do this assignemnt

child find pamphlet | Education homework help


Child Find programs are mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and require that each state search out and evaluate children aged birth through 21 who may be in need of early intervention or special education services due to a disability.

For this assignment, research the Child Find requirements at the federal, state, and local levels, as applicable, in your area. Use this information to create a two-sided pamphlet that a school could distribute in the community to inform parents of the Child Find process in your area.

Within your pamphlet, include the following:

  • Information about what families can expect as they move through the Child Find process from initial referral through enrollment in special education, if found eligible.
  • IDEA timelines and other IDEA requirements that would support families in understanding the process.
  • Roles and responsibilities of families and teachers/special education staff throughout the process, including how the teacher or special education staff will serve as an advocate for the child and the family and encourage their participation.
  • At least two local and two national resources that families can use to learn more about IDEA and the Child Find process.

While APA style format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Succ

Discussion due in 6 hours | EDUC 1006 – Child, Family, and Community Relationships | Walden University

Discussion: Reaching Out to Community Services

As a professional, you most likely will be in a position to link families who need support with the appropriate community services. Review pages 390-396 of your text, which offer an overview of the community as a support system. Then read the following case studies on pages 413-416:

  • Case Study 2: The Johnson Family
  • Case Study 4: The Meyers Family
  • Case Study 7: The Lambert Family
  • Case Study 9: The Nguyen Family

Choose the case study that interests you the most, then complete the following.

By Day 3


  • The title of the case study and a summary of the problem/concerns
  • Your response to the question(s) posed at the end of the case study, including what community services you would recommend (In examples that ask you to respond as a teacher, respond as a professional working with children and families.)
  • Two general suggestions to foster communication, clearheadedness, and the development of a collaborative plan of action

Research paper: child with a disability

The purpose of this research paper on a disability is to extend your knowledge of factors that place young children at risk for developmental delay or disability. You will select one disability or condition to research and discuss the implications for a young child with your selected disability in your classroom. You will cite FOUR peer-review journal articles in at least TWO different journals (You may include additional resources if you like including texts, websites, etc..) You will write a 6 page paper (does not include Title page, Abstract and Reference pages) using APA style- all references in APA format.

Papers will address the following subtopics; label each item a through g in your paper:

(a) Distinguishing characteristics (physical and developmental); (b) Incidence/ Prevalence; (c) Diagnosis; (d) Etiology (cause of disability); (e) Implications for intervention and inclusion including cultural linguistic diversity- English Learners, (f) Teacher Resources (one full page narrative description, not a list) for a child with your selected developmental delay or disability and (g) a one-page Reflection on how new knowledge about your selected disability will impact your teaching of young children.

Child development … due today ….. must have done in 5

must have this done in 5 hours…… no late work….. 

based on child development…… 

Watch the video: 

 Developmental and learning theories form the cornerstone of our knowledge about children. The eight major theoretical perspectives that relate to child development and learning are psychodynamic, behaviorist, cognitive, sociocultural, ecological, multiple intelligences, maturation, and humanist.

As we learned about the “most excellent eight,” discuss your thoughts on each theory. What parts of the theory “ring true” in your experiences? Using the video above on play, choose 4 theories of the 8 and reflect and connect “play” to each of the 4 theories chosen and give a specific example.  

Must have done in 5 hours!!!!! 

I will also provide my login to use the book to make reference to the theories

Assignment 1: your child development chart: infants and toddlers (0-2 | EDUC 6160 – Early Childhood Development | Walden University


This week, your readings center on the amazing developmental changes of infants and toddlers. For your Application Assignment, you will again use the Child Development Chart to organize important factual information with regard to children of this age group. While you develop your chart, keep in mind that the age ranges stipulated do not constitute absolute limits. Nothing magical happens in terms of development on the exact day of a child’s first birthday or second birthday. And that is because, as you know, different developmental events happen at different times in children’s lives-some earlier, some later. Remember then that looking at development within the margins of ages is simply a tool to help focus your study and understanding of child development, and the chart you are creating is an effective reference of essential developments in children’s lives across domains. This type of perspective is useful as long as you remain acutely aware of individual variations.

In preparation for this assignment, review all the Required Resources for this week. Then download the following documents to complete your assignment:

By Day 7

Complete and submit this chart:

Child care business plan | Education homework help

2-3 Pages Narrative Essay

 APA Format 

No Plagiarism 

Develop a business plan for operating a child care facility. Select a state within which you would like to develop and operate a child care facility, locate and determine a local region within that state, and name the state and location. Locate and determine the guidelines and regulations that must be followed to operate a child care facility. Discuss the state and local region that selected. Include a brief mention of the state labor statistics and economic outlook for this field. Discuss a state’s licensing and certification requirements. Explain a state’s Department of Human Resources requirements as they apply to the operation of a child care center, e.g. hiring practices, teacher/student ratios, licensing, etc. Recall that our constraints are that your center will provide services to no infants, 12 toddlers, and 72 preschoolers.

educ 1005: child health, safety, and nutrition course project

Course Project: Creating a Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition Blog

This week, you will continue to work on your course project by creating the fourth section.

Section 4: Healthy Food and Nutrition

Based on current trends and realities, it is clear that adults committed to children’s healthy growth and development must advocate for high-quality nutrition, which begins with a strong foundational knowledge of children’s nutritional needs, developmental stages, and dietary guidelines.

For your course project this week, you will create a fourth section that provides important information on nutrition and age-appropriate foods for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers and that will serve as an educational tool for adults who work with young children and their family members.

Use the following guidelines:

  • Summarize why good nutrition and eating habits are so important to children in each age group. Cite evidence from Chapter 6 in your text and/or other resources to support your claims.
  • Refer to Chapter 8 in your course text and explain why adults should actively help children develop healthy eating habits and at least two ways this can be accomplished.
  • Provide three nutritious recipes that family members can prepare with preschoolers and explain the nutritional value of each. (To locate recipes, look through the various suggested Web sites or do research as needed.) Offer strategies and suggestions to make cooking together an enjoyable learning experience for children.

Assignment length: Approximately 2 pages

Self-regulation newsletter | ECE 497 Child Development Capstone | Ashford University

Create a self-regulation newsletter for one period of development (infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, or adolescence). You can present your newsletter either in written format or as a YouTube Video. If you need help creating your YouTube video, use this Webcam Quick Start Guide. Your newsletter/video will need to include the following information:

  • A paragraph about the emotional development of children within this stage of development. (e.g., after age two, children talk about their feelings or preschoolers typically pick up strategies for regulating emotion by watching adults). Make sure to include emotional understanding, empathy, and the role that temperament plays with children this age. 
  • At least four specific tips for how you can help to promote emotional self-regulation at this stage of development (e.g., redirect the infants attention or parents/teachers or caregivers of preschoolers can use warm, patient verbal guidance that includes strategies to handle stress).
  • At least two behavioral strategies that can be utilized to assist a child who is struggling with self-regulation.
  • A concluding paragraph that outlines why good emotional self-regulation is vital for empathy to result in sympathy and prosocial behavior.