Read the article progressive capitalism is not an oxymoron. write a

 Read the article Progressive Capitalism is Not an Oxymoron. Write a reaction essay (10 pts). Use the following guidelines for the reaction essay. Length: One to one and a half pages typewritten. Size: 14 pt. font Double spaced 1″ margins Short summary, most of the essay should be your reaction. Need help? Use these guidelines: Writing a Reaction Paper. This assignment is optional, however, the more you read and write, the higher your points and grade will be.

Econ-assignment capitalism blog | Economics homework help


Assignment Guidelines

You have been invented to be a guest blogger for the blog series, Understanding Capitalism. Recruited for your expertise with the history of economic thought, your blog should:

  • Describe capitalism as an economic system by presenting specific examples of the mode of life.
  • Efficiency and equity are two of the criteria used by neoclassical economists to evaluate economic outcomes. Select eitherefficiency orequity and evaluate capitalism’s success (or lack of) in achieving this criteria.
  • Define, integrate, articulate, and apply the ideas of oneof the following economists: Smith orPolanyi to your analysis of efficiency or equity.
  • Excellent blog posts with present a clear and coherent discussion of capitalism and efficiency orcapitalism and equity (i.e., you are not just listing ideas, but your blog has a thesis and you lay out arguments to support it while meeting assignment guidelines.)

Submission Guidelines

  • Your blog should be 800-1000 words.
  • Your blog is due on Monday April 29th.
  • You should include citations where needed.
  • Creativity in presentation is encouraged such as including pictures, graphs, etc.