Using text messaging services to improve hemoglobin a1c levels in

This is my research topic. I need to discuss the 1. background significance. The population I chose and why is this so important. It will be the Hispanic/Latino population in downtown Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights, and Boyle heights area. 2. Overview and cost associated with the treatment of diabetes. How using text messaging services can help to reduce cost and improve patient compliance and quality of life. 3. I need to talk about the methodology of my CSP project. There is just one group. I will be sending standardized text messages that will be sent twice a day to remind patients to take their medications and along with that text messages will be a teaching point such as exercise, diet modification, and following up with appointments. 4. Data. I will have a total of 30 participants. I will use a simple t-test to run my scores (I’m am not sure in this area how to do this).¬†