600words, by tonight before 11:55

DISCUSSION BOARD #2 due 3/23 & 3/25


At the following link, view part 3 of 4 of “500 Nations” from 44.27 minutes until the end.





To comply with ADA requirements, a transcription of the full episode can be accessed at the following site:





You are also required to read the following primary document, “President Jackson Reports on Indian Removal” from the Cengage MindtapPrimary Sources Chapter 9 Section 2d- 





Answer the following study questions in a 600-word minimum essay, quoting the film, YOUR COURSE TEXTBOOK,  and the primary document at least once each in your essay ( required 3 quotes in total) to help support your conclusions. Do not answer in bullet points or in a numbered list, but write at least 3 full paragraphs in response to the questions posed. At the end of your essay YOU MUST post a study question of your own for your fellow students to consider and answer in their response posts.  Post your initial response to all parts of my prompt BEFORE THURSDAY 3/23 11:58 pm and make responses to 2 different fellow student posts before SATURDAY 3/25 11:58 pm.



1.  Identify fully your sources, the film, your text, and the primary document, providing their description, dates, names, producers, publishers, places, etc.

2. Describe the effects that the founding of this nation had on the various eastern and southern Native American tribes. How do you explain their treatment at the hands of the whites? 

3. In reading the excerpts from President Jackson, what comparisons can you make between this document and the film? What comparisons can you make between the document and the textbook? between the film and the textbook?

4. Had the colonies of North America (namely the future 13 original colonies of the United States of America) sought for and accomplished a more tolerant relationship with the Native American tribes, do you believe future history for the American Indians could have been different? Why or Why Not? How could it have been different?


***Click on the Bluish-Green Colored title of “Disc Board #1” to open up the window where you will click on CREATE YOUR OWN THREAD. I recommend you write your essay FIRST on a word processing program and either copy and paste it into the submission window OR upload your saved file instead. Either options is okay with me. Your essay based on my prompt for this assignment is DUE THURSDAY 3/23 BEFORE 11:58PM and you responses to two fellow students are due Saturday 3/25 BEFORE 11:58 PM***