Healthcare administration 5assignment 2 | Applied Sciences homework help


Healthcare Administration Capstone – Week #5 Assignment 2

Program Outcome 5

Program Outcome 5: Integrate multiple functional perspectives and different professional perspectives to create innovative solutions to complex problems.

 write a one page reflection explaining how you met the required program outcome 

To assist you in organizing your documents for the ePortfolio, an ePortfolio Student Completion Checklist has been provided. Follow the instructions included with that document to indicate whether you have provided an artifact, substitute, or reflection for Program Outcome 5.

To stay current with the course and the syllabus, it is recommended that this week you complete Program Objective 5. Refer to the ePortfolio Student Completion Checklist to help you complete the requirements for your portfolio. In week 6, you will submit the checklist to your instructor for review. The entire ePortfolio is due at the end of week 8.