Phase 6: researching (10%)due date: july 29purpose: to become

PHASE 6: RESEARCHING (10%)Due Date: July 29Purpose: To become familiar with social science research and how it is presented in academic journals. Directions: In Phase 5 of the Portfolio Project you identified a source of information from the web addressing the research question you selected in Phase 4. In this phase, you must select a research article from a peer-reviewed journal. A peer-reviewed research article will report the results of a research study that has been conducted. Conducting research requires following the rules of the scientific method and the collection of data.1. Identify a peer-reviewed research article published after 2010 that is relevant to the research question you selected in Phase 4. I will provide information about what will constitute an acceptable article, and I’ll give you some information on what “peer reviewed” and “research” mean for this assignment. However, you are responsible for ensuring that your article conforms to these rules. 2. Answer each of the items below in writing your essay (see how this is different from Phase 5? In that one, you did a worksheet, then used it and your source article to write the essay. This time, no worksheet – you will integrate the responses to the questions below INTO your essay). a. Provide a proper APA citation for your article. b. What is the research question the study was designed to answer?c. What were the researchers trying to understand or explain? This is the dependent variable. d. What variable(s) did the researchers think would help them to understand or explain the dependent variable listed above? This is the independent variable/variables.e. Describe how data was collected (survey of people, data from an official criminal justice agency, analyses of laws, an observation or experiment).f.Describe the sample that was used. This should include a number in the desсrіption. g. Skip over the section where the statistical analysis is presented, and read the section labeled Findings or Discussion. Summarize the results of the study.h. Towards the end of the article the researchers will mention the limitations of their study. What were the limitations of their study identified by the researchers?3. Using the information from above, write 500 words describing the study and its results. Be sure to use your own words.