Phase 4: knowledge (5%)due date: july 20purpose: practice effective

 PHASE 4: KNOWLEDGE (5%)Due Date: July 20Purpose: Practice effective written communication. Directions: 1. Select of one of the research questions below to be the focus of your portfolio. 1. In what ways does decriminalization or legalization of marijuana impact the overall number of drug users? 2. Is the U.S. drug control policy’s focus on supply reduction effective in reducing the harm caused to society by drugs?3. Is there a link between illegal drug use and criminal behavior? 4. Is there a link between drug laws and crime?2. In a 6-8 sentence essay, describe your current understanding of the answer to the question you selected. . DO NOT SEEK OUT ANY NEW INFORMATION ABOUT THIS TOPIC BEFORE WRITING YOUR ESSAY. You will have the chance to do that in future assignments.The focus of this assignment is on your writing. Organization is key. While it is okay to write down your initial thoughts about the topic, you must rewrite these thoughts into an organized and logical essay. Two or three drafts will be required to produce a result that will meet the standards expected (See grading rubric). 3.Looking back on the paragraph you just wrote, does it: Start with an introductory sentence? Describe your current understanding regarding the topic?Indicate the sources of information that have helped to shape your understanding. (personal experience, the media, information learned in a course, etc.)? If not, go back and revise4. Reflecting on composing your essay, did you find yourself questioning your knowledge base and how it has been shaped? Learning to interpret and assess information, including how to judge its credibility, is a critical skill. This will be a continuous thread throughout this course, your academic experience and beyond. I hope that this exercise has sparked your interest in finding out more information about the topic you selected. We will be doing this in the next two assignments.