relationship between reading and writing. | GEN 104:College Reading Strategies | Ashford University

 College courses often require a great deal of reading. This is even more true in online courses, in which much of the communication is through written discussions, in addition to the required reading for the course. Students are also asked to respond in writing, through discussion and assignments.

Prepare: Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review the following:


There is a strong connection between reading and writing. The better reader you are, the better writer you are, and vice versa. Consider the information in the assigned readings and how it impacts your studies.


In at least 300 words address the following:

  • Describe the relationship between reading and writing.
  • Argue why it is important for students to complete the assigned reading.
  • Give examples to support your argument.
  • Cite and reference at least one of the above assigned sources in either a quote or a paraphrase to support your assertion.
  • Be sure to include a reference at the end of your post.

Course reflection | GEN 104:College Reading Strategies | Ashford University


Course Reflection

[WLO: 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3]

For your Final Project, you will reflect on the experiences in this course and create an ebook to share this reflection. Reflection is an important part of any class, but especially those in which you may be sharpening your skills. While you knew how to read when you started this class, how has reading changed for you now that you are at the end of the course? Do you find yourself looking at reading differently or thinking differently when you read? How so? If not, why not?

Prior to beginning work on this final project, review the following:

This project will show you have achieved all the learning outcomes for this course.

Include the following content in your project:

  • Slide 1: Title slide
  • Slide 2: Explain how your view of the purposes of reading has changed since the beginning of this course. (This slide should have four or more sentences.)
  • Slide 3: Describe the top three strategies that were most effective in your reading.
    • Which strategy will be the first strategy you use for reading in your future courses? (This slide should have four or more sentences.)
    • Support your choice with at least one quote or paraphrase from the materials we have used in this course. Remember to include an APA-style citation.
  • Slide 4: Assess a strategy that did not work for you. (This slide should have four or more sentences.)
    • Explain why it did not work.
  • Slide 5: Prepare an example of how the skills learned in this course can be used outside of the classroom (e.g., work, home, etc.). (This slide should have four or more sentences.)
  • Slide 6: List references used in APA Style (one to two sources should be used).

After completing your slides, convert your PowerPoint presentation to a PDF file to create an ebook. Your PDF ebook will be submitted to Waypoint.

The Course Reflection final project

  • Must be at least six slides in length (including the title and reference slides).
  • Must include a separate title slide (Slide 1) with the following:
    • Title of project
    • Your First and Last Name
    • University of Arizona Global Campus
    • Course Code: Name of Course (e.g. ENG 122: English Composition II)
    • Instructor Name
    • Due Date
  • Must use at least one to two sources from the course materials.
  • Must cite information used from sources using APA Style and include a separate references slide that is formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric  (Links to an external site.)for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

Peer response 2 | GEN 104:College Reading Strategies | Ashford University


  • Review the peers’ response
  • Compare and contrast your experience to that of your classmates. Share an idea that might help your peers with their frustration moving forward.
  • Your responses should be at least 100 words


 At the beginning of the challenge article discussion, I was confused. I read through many of the articles and chose Universal Preschool; in my opinion, I completely agree with the idea of a preschool for every student. As I went through and read the article, I started to get excited about the idea and actually became a bit upset because it seemed that funding is the only reason that this is not something that is being made to happen.

Something that I learned about myself is that I did not have a strategy of getting through any article or piece of research. I have honestly become so much more excited about reading again like I used to be; although a lot of the reading that comes with schooling and courses, I am still struggling with, I am so much more open to sitting down and getting things done.

I find that having to answer and explain about the things that I am reading makes me so much more excited to read and talk about the things that I read. I love picking up my book and reading so that I can come every week, talk about the story, talk about my questions, and what I’m thinking will happen next. The most frustrating thing for me is the reading notebooks- I personally find that having to write about some type of article that has nothing to do with what I am learning, or reading is hard for me, but I do understand why they are assigned to us.