Songwriting Tip – Conquering Writers Block

Lets look at what your inner voice is for a moment. It’s that little voice that (when you start writing a song) tells you that
‘You dont have time’
‘There is nothing to write about’
‘You have nothing to say’
Sound familiar? The list of inner voice put-downs is as endless as your imagination.
I believe that anything that is negative or disruptive to your writing is your inner voice playing up inside your head. This is what I believe writers block is. It’s just your inner voice winning the battle that you have with it every single day.
As songwriters we need to be open to new ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences and observations. This requires making sure that there is a flow of words from brain to paper. If we are losing the battle with our inner voice then the idea valve gets shut off by our own negativity and we simply dry up.
Hence writers block.
Songwriters stop writing not because of their reasons. Its because they have let their inner voice talk them into believing that those reasons are the truth.
The best way to cure writers block is to actually write.
Heres my first songwriting tip – start a journal and write in it every day.
It doesn’t matter what you write about, just write. Pay attention to what your inner voice says. It may say things like
‘What on earth are you doing?’
‘You’ll never keep this up’
‘What you have just written there is @#!%& (put whatever expletive you see fit)’.
Remember, it doesn’t matter what you write, it’s how well you ignore your inner voice.

Pretty soon you won’t be worrying about what’s good or bad you’ll just love to write and that is a feeling of total liberation that we, as songwriters are really looking for.