Res 351 (business research ethics) complete course week 1-5 a+ work


RES 351 (Business Research Ethics)

Week 1

Week 1 DQ1

Recently, several studies have sought to measure the extent of binge drinking among college students. Based on the discussion of “The Language of Research” in Chapter 3 of the text, explain the meaning of an operational definition and based on that, develop a good operational definition for binge drinking. 

RES 351 (Business Research Ethics)

Week 1 DQ2

Toyota had a problem with unexplained acceleration problems in some of its top models. It closed down plants and stopped production on several models. Based on the discussion in Chapter 1 of the text, what types of research might Toyota have conducted to make these decisions?

·         Individual Assignment Current Events in Business Research (400+ Words)














Week 2

RES 351 (Business Research Ethics)

Week 2 DQ1

You are the supervisor of a call center. Lately, there have been many misdirected or dropped calls. Management has directed you to “find out what’s going on.”  Based on Chapter 4 and 5 of the text, the increase in missed or dropped calls is the “Management Dilemma”.  Based on that management dilemma, define a possible management question and accompanying research question.  Then, develop one or two specific hypotheses for your research question that might account for misdirected or dropped calls.

RES 351 (Business Research Ethics)

Week 2 DQ2

Based on Chapter 3 of the text and your experience, give an example of the five types of variables.  Select an article from the university library that uses the quantitative research method and identify the dependent and independent variables used in the article.

Be sure to provide a complete APA citation for your article.  (Note: no two students can use the same article).  

·         Week 2 Assignment Business Research Ethics (750+ Words)

·         Week 2 Team Summary (450+ Words)









Week 3

RES 351 (Business Research Ethics)

Week 3 DQ1

What is survey research? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using surveys to collect data? Describe a research situation where survey research is appropriate and explain why.

RES 351 (Business Research Ethics)

Week 3 DQ2

Amazon’s Kindle® electronic book, magazine, and newspaper reader, has been more successful than its competitors. The fact that the Kindle® reader was first introduced on the Oprah Show and was strongly endorsed by the host, Oprah Winfrey, may have contributed to its success. However, the original Kindle® reader has some physical problems, such as button replacement and page-turn speed. Correcting these problems resulted in a redesigned Kindle® reader, which was released in 2009 and received many positive reviews. What observation research might have been used in the redesign of the original Kindle® reader? 

·         Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 1

·         Business Research, Part I (900+ Words)

·         Week 3 Summary Describe the research design for Consumer Direct. (800+ Words)












Week 4

RES 351 (Business Research Ethics) Week 4 DQ1

As part of its bankruptcy restructuring, General Motors (GM) launched a new ad campaign on June 3, 2009, that was meant to feature a streamlined GM: fewer brands—including the Cadillac™, Buick™, Chevrolet™, and GMC™ brands—and fewer models within each brand. What research would you have done to determine which vehicles models GM should retain and which it should drop? What would you have measured and with what type of measurement scale? 

RES 351 (Business Research Ethics) Week 4 DQ2

As we saw last week, getting data to measure is critical.  But how do we get the data in the first place?  Usually, we have to take a sample — but it has to be the right sample, or, as our text notes in Chapter 14, page 365-367, our data collection will not be accurate or valid.  Give an example of a population and a sample from that population. What is the difference between probability (random) sampling and nonprobability (non-random) sampling?  When should you use one vs. the other?

·         Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 2 (Explanatory)

·         Business Research, Part II (350+ Words)

·         Team Reflection Summary (900+ Words)

Week 5

·         Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 3

·         Final Assignment = Research Proposal for Ace Cable Company (2100+ Words)