Qnt 351 week 3 complete quantitative analysis for business

QNT 351 Week 3(Quantitative Analysis for Business)


QNT 351 Week 3 DQ1

What are the differences between probability and coincidence? Can the probability be more than 1 or less than 0? Explain why or why not.


QNT 351 Week 3 DQ2

What is the role of probability concepts in business decision-making? Provide specific examples.


QNT 351 Week 3 DQ3

What are the basic differences between a discrete and a continuous distribution?


QNT 351 Week 3 DQ4

What are the characteristics of standard normal distribution? Explain how to calculate the z-test static. Explain how a z-value is used to calculate the area under the distribution and the meaning of P(0 to z) when z = 1.96.

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