How to Write a Well Structured Essay

During college, or whenever you prepare for a scholarship or a conference, you will need to write an essay. Moreover, a part of the internet writing jobs requested by your clients are based on essays, and considering the fact that this is one of the best paid web content service, it is definitely a good idea to know how to write those kinds of website contents.

Choosing a subject

If your client requests a certain subject, and he will usually do, you will have limited options, but this does not mean that you can’t offer quality internet writing. It is important to respect those demands, but you will need to be creative and to have an original approach to the subject. Before writing any word, you will have to see what other pieces were written on the respective subject.

Even if you have a general subject that gives you the freedom to be original, you will need to particularize it with your approach. It is also important to see what other resources you find on the respective subject, to have some sources of inspiration, but also to make sure that you offer web content service. Unlike SEO articles where you just need to write original words, in the case of essays, it is important to be original with your idea also. Your essay would probably have some resources at its base, but a client would never accept website contents that were already published somewhere else.

Starting your project

The introduction must be a description of the debated subject, and your opinion about the respective matter. Expressing a point of view is one of the most difficult parts of the essay. Later, you will have to explain in a single phrase what is the essence of your work. Expressing your point of view is one of the most difficult parts of the essay, with a concise, specific and clear idea.

You should not promise that you would analyze, examine or question an idea, as you just need to sustain a certain point of view about the subject. As an example, a good point of view might sound like this:

“I will sustain that the economical differences between the states that are in transition are the result of economic and political choices made at the beginning of the process”. A point of view, which is not clearly explained, might sound like this: “I would like to analyze the economic differences of the states that are in transition”. The first version clearly explains a point of view, and it justifies it, while the second would only explain some facts.

The point of view is one of the few places of an essay where it is accepted to write on the first person, while in an essay, you should write on the third person. Considering the length of the essay, you will need to bring a number of arguments that would sustain your point of view. It is recommended to enumerate those ideas in the following paragraph “Three arguments would be brought to sustain this point of view: the first one would show that… the second one is about… , and the last one would prove to you that…”

The content of the essay

The content of the essay would elaborate the arguments that were presented in the first part of the essay. Each chapter would start with a “subject-phrase” that would express the argument and the position of the author about the respective matter. If you use chapters, give those names so they would be suited with the structure of the essay, and also easy to read. The discussion should follow the exposure of each argument in a well-structured manner: facts, ideas and opinions of authorities, as well as your personal point of view. Finally, you need to conclude if the initial argument is solid and if it can be sustained.

Another possible but not mandatory section, which is common for academic essays is the limitary. Here, you can write about the limits of your reasoning, and the premises of the essay. In this type of internet writing, you should respect the rule of +/- 10%, unless something else is specified. This means that the essay must not be longer or shorter than 10% from the imposed length. For example, for an essay of 3000 words, it is accepted to write 2700-3300 words.

In some rare cases, it is difficult to express all the ideas in the required word length. In this case, you must replace your point of view with a research question, which must correspond to the same criteria, with the exception that the author would delay taking a clear position about the subject. This approach is not recommended, but if it is necessary, you must expose the answer to your question at the end of the essay.

If you want to offer this type of web content service to your clients, it is important to write a bibliography. Copied content makes an essay worthless, so if you have quotes in your work, you should state all the sources that you have been using.

Offering such website contents is not that easy, as the rules must be applied rigorously, but if you are able to respect those ideas, you will discover the advantages of offering such services, as they are really well paid.