Final part to ford research paper- tips from professor (9 pages)


Final Scholarly Paper: Tying it all together!

First, combine Parts I-III of your paper. Be sure to make any changes necessary based on feedback you have received. Make sure that you include an introduction and transitions so that these three parts read as one cohesive document.

Then, you will need to examine your firm’s working capital management.

APA Deliverable:

Page 1 = Title Page

Page 2 – 8+ = Body of the Document (Content)*

Page 9 or last page = Reference Page

*Body of the Document

Opening paragraph for the whole paper

Background Information

            Current and Past Investments

Industry Information

Transition to next section

Stock Details

            Past Stock activity

            Stock Shares details

            Analysis/Comparison with Competitor

Transition to next section

Financial Analysis

            Liquidity ratios

            Profitability ratios

            Solvency (financial leverage) ratios

            Analysis/Comparison with a competitor

Transition to next section

Working Capital Management

            Cash Position

            Cash Flow methods

            Short-Term Financing