Differences Between a 5 Paragraph Essay and an Article

There are differences between a five paragraph essay and an article like there are similarities between the two. The differences range from the rationale for the write up to the style, to length and components of the both kinds of writing.

First is; an article is written for publication. The writer of an article writes having in mind that he or she is writing for a very large audience consisting of different types of people from all spheres of life.

An article is for the newspaper, the magazine, journals and reference books. This simply means that the article is for the educated elite of the society, and people who know. The writer therefore chooses his words carefully because whatever he or she writes will be not be kept secret but for all to see. The five paragraph essay on the other hand is for students and people in the academic setting.

It is the recommended style of writing for students and the best technique for organizing ideas especially in examinations.

In addition to that, an article is based on facts and truth unlike the five paragraph essay which is based on a personal point of view. The writer of an essay does that on the wealth of knowledge he or she has.

This entails that if he has a limited knowledge on an issue, it tells on the quality of the essay he finally remits. The article on the other is a product of research and a compilation of other peoples view on an issue and then written in the writer’s own style. Again to this fact is that while an article is objective because of the facts, the five paragraph essay is subjective and prejudiced.

Again a five paragraph essay is limited to just five paragraphs unlike the article which is backed up by facts and therefore can exceed five paragraphs. The length of an article is dependent on the facts and the supporting details of the facts. Some articles can cover pages of newspapers and magazines while some others may not be up to 300 words.