The old oregon wood store


Instructions:  Examine and Analyze the Old Oregon Wood Store Case Study found on page 630 of your textbook. 

In a 1,200-word essay format, synthesize the concepts from this week’s readings as you respond to the following:  

1.   Explain what is the fastest way to manufacture Old Oregon tables using the original crew. Discuss how many could be made per day. 

2.   Explain whether production rates and quantities change significantly if George would allow Randy to perform one of the four functions and make one of the original crew the backup person. 

3.   Explain what is the fastest time to manufacture a table with the original crew if Cathy is moved to either preparation or finishing. 

4.   Whoever performs the packaging function is severely underutilized. Explain whether you can find a better way of utilizing the four- or five-person crew than either giving each a single job or allowing each to manufacture an entire table. Explain how many tables could be manufactured per day with this scheme. 

Responses must be substantive and contain research, analytical thinking and critical thinking skills. Do not simply “copy and paste” your responses from the textbook, rather respond in your own words (paraphrase), unless you are directly quoting a source.  You must also cite references where appropriate. 

Include in-text citations throughput essay and include a minimum of two scholarly sources plus your textbook. Thus, you must have a minimum of three sources.

Format paper consistent with APA 7th edition guidelines.