The argument topic: parents who try to impose their values on their



Topic: Parents who try to impose their values on their children.

Thesis statement: Parents impose their values on their children to make them better adults.

I. Children are a reflection of their parents.

a. Teachers judge students according to how they perceive them to have been raised.

b. Other parents won’t let their kids associate with ill-mannered kids.

c. Society in general judge children’s behavior.

II. It is parents’ jobs to guide their children.

a. Parents should not leave this job on teachers and preachers.

b. One definition of parenting is guiding.

c. Parents’ choices in raising their children reflect on the children when they grow up.

III. Parents have to protect their children from the ills of the world.

a. They have to train children to stay out of trouble

b. Parents must prepare children to deal with negative influences

c. Children learn from their parents how to interact with society in general

IV. Children will eventually be independent of parents. They have to learn to survive.

a. Mom won’t always be there to help them dress for success

b. Siblings won’t always have to obey parents instructions to look out for each other

c. Dad’s advice to punch anyone who punches you first won’t always have good results

Thesis: It is the responsibility of parents to instill their values in their children.