Review the levels of prevention as discussed in chapter 1 of the

  • Review the levels of prevention as discussed in Chapter 1 of the Cottrell, Girvan, and McKenzie course text.
  • Imagine that an organization you work for is trying to obtain a grant from a major foundation to develop three public health education programs in your own community. Each program would address one of the three levels of prevention. Consider the most pressing needs of your community. What programs would you develop? Which populations are most in need of these programs?
  • Refer to Chapter 7 of the Cottrell et al. course text for examples of programs developed by public health educators in various settings.Post a brief description of three hypothetical public health education programs you would choose to develop—one at the primary level of prevention, one at the secondary level, and one at the tertiary level. For each program, include the following:
  • The title of the program
  • The goals of the program
  • The level of prevention the program addresses
  • The target population(s) served by the program
  • The rationale explaining why the organization should spend the grant funding on developing the program

Support your posting with information from the Learning Resources. Be sure to cite references in APA format. You will be using these programs later on in the course so pay attention to any feedback you get from your peers and instructor.