Quantitative design development | Applied Sciences homework help

In this forum, develop a slideshow presentation that presents a research proposal for the quantitative scenario.

Your presentation should include:


Title slide with your name


Problem Statement


Hypothesis (research hypothesis and null)


Quantitative Design (Strategy of Inquiry)


Data Collection Plan




StuAvCorp is a general aviation parts manufacturer with 521 employees. Leaders of StuAvCorp have heard grumblings from company middle managers that employee production is low and that employee morale also “seems to be” low. Although no mishaps or safety incidents have occurred, there is a “feeling in the air” that something bad could happen at any time due to this perceived negative cloud over the company. For the past 9 months, labor union leadership and company management have become embittered by disagreements in negotiating fair wages for tenured employees and vacation time. The union claims that employees are not satisfied and will not settle for less than their demands. The management feels like the employees likely would be fine with their proposed compensation package, and that the union is causing the strife between the two groups.

You have been asked as a consultant to

Define the problem.

Develop a quantitative research design that includes a hypothesis, strategy of inquiry, and data collection plan.