Paper of piece of art


Experiencing Art…

…is it Good or Bad or Personal Preference?

 This assignment examines the difference between good or bad art and our own personal preferences in art  

 (Remember, it is possible to ‘appreciate’ a piece of art as being a good work of art of its type and yet not like the work personally, or the other way around) 

Part One-find a piece of art:

  • Choose a piece of art that you either like or dislike. Any type of art. (This won’t work well if you feel only apathy so pick something you have a strong reaction to)
  • Document the work (pic/video/etc) so that you can upload an image of the work (or find an online link if it is a more well known work).

Part Two-write a paper:

  • A good place to start is to look at the artwork and see if there are parts of it that make you uncomfortable, make you smile, etc. and examine what caused those feelings. What kind of effect does it have on you, and why?
  • Using formal design concepts describe how the piece ‘works well’ or ‘does not work well’. What design choices has the artist made?  Is it objectively a good or bad piece of art? How is it functioning or not functioning? 
  • Sometimes you may need to look at the historic context/events to understand the content if the content/subject matter is very unexpected. 
  • Decide how this effects your opinion of the work.  For example: is it good, but just not to your taste?/or perhaps it is really badly thought out/designed? (yes, there is actual ‘bad art’) maybe parts of it work and parts are less successful?…or?
  • Feel free to include any additional thoughts about this artwork or it’s relationship to other artworks.

4 pages double space

Due after 2 days and half