Obesity argumentative paper | Applied Sciences homework help

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For this assignment, you will write an argumentative essay related to Wil Haygood’s article, “Kentucky Town of Manchester Illustrates National Obesity Crisis.” On the basis of your own research and Haygood’s article, you need to decide what strategies may work to fight obesity in places similar to Manchester, Kentucky. For instance, you could discuss if informing people about healthy nutrition or serving healthy food for kids at schools may work. You may consider in what way it is possible to make people exercise. Think about other strategies that you would recommend and explain in what way they could work.
In your paper, you should articulate a clear thesis and support it using Haygood’s article and, at least three other sources from our library or the Academic Search Complete database. Remember that you are not limited to a “yes/ no” argument. You may conclude that a strategy may work only partially, and explain why.
While writing this paper, think about your audience; the readers need to understand your claims, explanations, and conclusions.
Grading Criteria
When reading your paper, I will pay attention to how you organize and focus it, how you introduce the main issue, and how you develop your argument. I will also consider the clarity of your ideas, the intellectual sophistication of the support for your point of view, as well as your paper’s paragraph development and coherence i.e. transitions between different ideas and paragraphs.
Moreover, your grade will depend on the successful integration of quotations, the variety of sentence structure, word choice, grammar, and the mastery of the MLA format in citing and documenting sources.