Literature synthesis | Thesis | Cedar Crest College

PIO- Among adults, how does household income impact fruit and vegetable intake?

A concise and effective synthesis will be the building steps to highlight the need for your study. During the synthesis, also look to take note of what is already known and what needs further investigation, what the current trends are and/or any gaps in the literature, as this can inform your study’s methodology to add to the body of literature and nicely leads into the last sections. This may be more like 4-5 paragraphs, with each paragraph highlighting different themes/concepts across the studies. 

 Remember that you will not summarize the studies included in the narrative, as these are succinctly outlined in table form. You will instead weave the components of each study into a picture so that the reader can see what is known, what is unknown and how your study will add to the knowledge to/provide further insight into that area.