Linguistics research paper l1 chinese difficulties in l2 english

The goal of this assignment is to give you the experience of collecting and analyzing data from a second language (L2) learner.


See all attached documents. There is a template you need to follow in APA format, Data sets you will need to analyze carefully from both the L1 (baseline native English speaker, and L2 English learner. You will need to analyze the interference and transfer from the L1 native language, Chinese, onto their learning of the L2, English. Your focus will be primarily on the VERB conjugations(past and progressive) and NOUN pluralizations! see attached documents. 

Quick note: Chinese does NOT conjugate verbs nor does it pluralize nouns. This is why I am focusing on the interference of the L1 on the learning of the L2

If you don’t think you have enough data, let me know ASAP so I can provide more!

The PDFs are of a sample of verb conjugations and noun pluralizations that both the L1 and L2 took. The purple highlighted boxed indicate incorrect conjugation.

Below are some sources you can use, in addition to whatever you find that is more relevant. Please use the Hummel, K for sure, and the Berko, J

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