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Personal Health Issue 101  Health Care Decisions: Chapters 12, 19, 20

A = True and B = False

1._____Mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein Barr virus. 

2._____Antibiotics are used to kill viruses that invade the body.

3._____Communicable diseases can be passed from person to person.

4_____Tonsils, adenoids, spleen, and thymus gland are organs of the Lymphatic System.

5._____Medicaid provides health insurance for the elderly.

6._____Ayurveda medicine embraces a naturopathy approach to health.

7._____Chiropractic literally means to practice medicine by using hands.

8._____Chiroprators treat people with subluxation to realign the vertebrae.

9._____Herbal medicines possess the same potential for healing and the same potential for side effects as prescription drugs do.

10.____A Vector carrying an infectious organism is very sick and will die if left untreated.

11. Hepatitis A is:

A. commonly found in health-care workers

B. commonly acquired from fecal contamination of food or water

C. primarily acquired from blood transfusions and intravenous drug users 

D. both A and B

12. A disease caused by the bite of a tick is:

A. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome    B. Scabies

C. Lyme disease     D. West Nile Virus 

13. People who are infected with HIV:

A. Can take 3 classes of drugs to delay developing AIDS

B. Can transmit HIV through their salvia and sweat

C. Can develop diseases because of a weakened immune system

D. both a and c

14. Lyme disease is best treated with:

A. vaccines   B. anti-viral serum  C. antibiotics  D. Deet

15. People with type O blood are known as:

A. universal recipients   B. universal donors

C. unable to donate blood   D. always Rh-positive

16. The body’s normal reaction to tissue injury or infection is:

A. disease B. release of histamine C. inflammation D. bacteria

17. Antigens are foreign proteins on viruses and bacteria that:

A. generate antibodies     B. elevate lymph nodes

C. increase red blood cells    D. decrease white blood cells

18. Autoimmune diseases are the result of:

A. absence of antibodies    

B. immune system cannot distinguish self and non-self cells

C. antibodies attacking the body’s good cells

D. decrease white blood cells 

19. Which of the following is caused by a vector?

A. HIV   B. West Nile Virus  C. Mono  D Influenza

20. Microorganisms that can cause illness include:

A. protozoa  B. yeast  C. worms  D. all of the above

21. Hepatitis B and C viruses are:

A. easily cured with antibiotics  B. acquired through sexual intercourse

C. a risk durings blood transfusions  D. one of the causes of AIDS

22. Vaccines work by injecting specific proteins from inactive pathogens to cause:

A. production of antibodies against diseases   B. fevers 

C. soreness after the injection    D. mild cases of the flu

23. Severe allergic reactions can produce:

A. hives B. food aversions   C. anaphylactic shock D. sneezing

24. Which is NOT a type of health insurance plan?

A. Preferred Provider Organization  B. Health Maintenance Organization

C. Fee-for-service    D. Medical-aide

25. Most people who go to a physician:

A. have symptoms of a cold or flu  B. minor complaints or routine check-up

C. are there for prescriptions  D. are seriously ill

26. Hospital patients:

A. are almost always treated with respect and dignity

B. have a right to be told about procedures and the reasons for them even if the doctor  does not want the patient to know.

C. share no responsibility in deciding themselves what procedures will be used

D. should be read the patient bill of rights by the admitting clerk

27. Which specialist would you see if you were having dizzy spells?

A. Pediatrician B. Psychiatrist C. Neurologist  D. Radiologist

28. Which specialist would you see if you were seeking a physician for your elderly grandparent?

A. Urologist  B. Geriatrician C. Orthopedist D. Psychiatrist

29. Which of the following is NOT an Ayurveda element?

A. Earth  B. Wind  C. Fire   D. Air

30. Pre-paid health insurance plans that are an alternative to private insurance are:

A. PPO’S   B. fee-for-service  C. socialized medicine  D. HMO’s

31. Health insurance paid by the government for those over 65 is:

A. Medicaid  B. Medicare   C. Social Security   D. Private

32. All of the following are reasons for rising medical care costs EXCEPT:

A. Health insurance costs    B. lifestyle behaviors 

C. too many general doctors   D. malpractice

33. Which of the following is NOT used by a chiropractor in diagnosing and treating patients?

A. X-rays B. studying posture   C. prescriptions  D. Touching the spine

34. Chiropractic medicine:

A. stresses inherent energy balances in the body

B. deals with the relationship between the nervous system and the spinal column

C. is concerned primarily with medical procedures and prescription drugs

D. is considered quackery in this country.

35. Osteopathic doctors:

A. are pharmacologists who dispense drugs and herbs to heal illnesses

B. undergo a six year training program to get their license

C. have all the medical rights and privileges of medical doctors

D. are not allowed to perform surgery

36. Results from disruption of the harmonious balance of vital energy in the body:

A. Aromatherapy     B. Medical Quackery

C. Acupuncture     D. Bio-magnetic therapy 

37. Homeopathic medicine:

A. substances that produce symptoms of a disease will cure the disease

B. deals with the relationship between the nervous system and the spinal column

C. is the conventional traditional approach to medicine

D. will utilize surgery but not drugs.

38. Flu vaccines:

A. only given to children and the elderly  B. developed for specific viruses

C. should not be given to asthmatics D. must be repeated every two years

39. Partial displacement of a vertebra from its correct position is known as:

A. alignment  B. fixation  C. subluxation D. manipulation

40. Channels where energy flows within the body are:

A. pressure points  B. nerves  C fixations  D. meridians

41. Cutting health care costs involves:

A. Exercise self-care and self-responsibility

B. Reduce unnecessary medical costs.

C. Use emergency services wisely

D. All of the above

42. In controlled studies, acupuncture has been shown to be effective for:

A. easing labor    B. postoperative dental pain

C. curing the common cold   D. curing early stage cancer

43. Comprises a potpourri of healing strategies and focuses on preventing illnesses:

A. naturopathy B. homeopathy  C. osteopathy  D. integrative medicine

44. Alternative medicine is also known as:

A. complementary medicine   B. Western medicine

C. over the counter medicine  D. none of the above

45. Act as physical barrier to prevent entry of most microorganisms:  

A. good hand washing    B. antibiotics

C. leukocytes      D. skin and mucous membranes

46. Alternative medicine is usually defined as:

A. physicians who use unconventional therapies

B. the use of drugs along with surgery

C. the use of medication or relaxation during treatment

D. the use of herbal medicines, spiritual, mental, nutritional and physical therapies 

47. Chiropractors:

A. are basically the same as physical therapists and performs the same treatments

B. prescribe vitamins, supplements and some narcotic pain medication

C. does not have to take an exam to become licensed

D. believe that all diseases are caused by misaligned vertebrae

48. Antibiotics:

A. block biochemical reactions of microorganisms so that they do not grow

B. cannot stop bacteria from getting into cells but can kill them when they are  there

C. still work even if new acquired genes cause resistance

D. are good to take if in close contact with someone that has a bacterial infection

49. To help protect ourselves from infection we should:

A. eat well and takes vitamins supplements

B. thoroughly clean the wax inside of your ears to avoid ear infections

C. always rinse your hands after going to the bathroom

D. rest, exercise, good diet

50. Mechanisms that keep particles from entering the body are:

A. tears in your eyes  B. wax in your ears

C. Spitting and sneezing D. all of the above