Emerging technology discussion 3 | Applied Sciences homework help

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Many of you have expressed concern for the potential loss of jobs due to the introduction of robots into manufacturing and other businesses. While this is a major concern, there are also benefits (to employees and employers) that should also be considered. I linked to a couple of articles and videos that you should review before you add to this discussion.We are all aware of the use of robots in manufacturing. They are capable of doing repetitive tasks to the same precision every time, they never get tired, never take restroom breaks, don’t talk back, don’t ask for raises, etc. However, robots are also making contributions to medicine, agriculture, law enforcement, military, service, and personal assistance. There are even “remote presence” robots that can attend meetings. Identify what you see as primary benefits of using robots in these areas (medicine, agriculture, law enforcement, etc.), and whether or not the benefits should outweigh the loss of jobs and other negative impacts. Identify ethical issues, if any.

Farming with robots